11 Signs That He’s Cheating On You

9. He deprioritizes you.

He used to prioritize you and the relationship over a lot of things before. But lately, you always feel like you’re never the priority anymore. He seems to be devoting all of his valuable time and energy on other things because he just isn’t as invested in you as he once was.

10. He doesn’t talk about the future with you anymore.

The reason he doesn’t like to talk about the future with you anymore is that he honestly doesn’t see a future with you in the books. He knows that he wants someone new and he’s probably going to call it quits with you once he finds someone to replace you with.

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  1. I am in that position right now, and it’s sucks. Next conversation I have is just that I’m not going to b an option. If u can’t prioritize me in this relationship I’m done.

  2. These are all true, once u hear that girl in ur conversations do an investigation! Usually your guts are correct! You can feel it!

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