12 Signs He Really Likes You (And It’s Not Just Because He Wants To Sleep With You)

Sex isn’t everything.

1. He takes a genuine interest in the things that you are most passionate about in life.

Anything that is important to you is also just as important to him. He would never be one to belittle or demean all the things that you are most passionate about. On the contrary, he would even take a genuine interest in them. He would want to immerse himself in your world as much as possible. He wants to know more about the things that actually help molding your personality.

2. He doesn’t hide from you when you get sick. He takes care of you.

Sicknesses can scare a lot of people off. They’re disgusting. You wouldn’t want to be around a person who is sick and contagious. But if a man really liked you, he wouldn’t care about catching whatever bug you have. He would still want to make you feel like you are being taken care of. He would still do whatever he can to make you feel comfortable.

3. He isn’t shy about initiating conversations with you.

He would text you whenever he’s thinking about you. He will give you a call if he wants to say hi. He would go to your house and visit you just so he can talk to you. He loves being in your company. He loves talking to you. You manage to give him a sense of peace and comfort whenever you are conversing with each other. He just can’t get enough of hearing your voice and seeing your face.

4. He will always make you feel like he is thinking about you.

He would buy you flowers on a random day just because he knows it would make you happy. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion. He would pick up a delicious slice of cake from your favorite bakery while he’s out just because he knows you’ve been craving it for a while. It’s little gestures and decisions like these on his part that let you know that you are constantly on his mind even when you’re not together.

  1. Yep! I’m also a guy who respects all ladies. Love knows no color, race, or anything in between. ?

  2. Among 12signs He doesn’t make much time to talk and text with me.He used to be busy in games rather than talking with me .And it makes me feel like He started feeling bore and he is really fed up with me?And whenever I shout at him because of late replies he used to get more furious?What Should I do to get attention from him?And what should I do to make him realize that I am hurt because of him ..

    1. I have been seeing a man going on the 3rd year. I was extremely sick for months. And had a knee replacement. He left the hospital while I was in surgery. My daughter came and he was gone. Then when I was at.my parents recovering. I didn’t see him but once in a month. To find out he had multiple women he had been with thru out the yr. Of coarse he apologized. Do I give him another chance or move on. ?

  3. There are men like that out there! I do not feel that is is just the man though. A man and a woman are a reflection of one another. So in a lot of cases the woman is not giving the man what he needs and it can be small and simple. Therefore why should the man always be giving if the woman is not willing to commit and give? It goes both ways and it is a all in all or nothing. There is no such thing as 50/50 in a relationship.

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