12 Subtle Signs That Someone Is Madly In Love With You

1. He acts the same way around you as he does when he’s around other people. It shows that he isn’t hiding who he is when he’s with you. It shows that he wants you to see him for who he really is; and that he wants you to really get comfortable with his genuine self. He’s not looking to deceive or play you in any way. He’s not going to manipulate or mislead you. He wants you to see his true colors because he wants you to trust him. He’s always going to be consistent with how he treats you – whether you’re alone or when you’re with other people.

2. He goes out of his way to make your life as easy and as comfortable as possible. He walks his dog for you whenever you’re feeling under the weather. He picks up some food for you on the way home when you’re too lazy to cook for yourself. He picks up and delivers your laundry if you’re too swamped with other tasks. Whenever you need a helping hand, he’s always going to be there for you because that’s just the kind of guy that he is.

3. He is honest with you even when it means having to call you out once in a while for your flaws and wrongdoings. But he always does it out of love and kindness. He’s only looking out for you. He only wants what is best for you. And he can’t accept whenever you are acting beneath how you’re supposed to be acting. He expects a lot from you because he believes in you; and he always knows that you can do better.

4. He doesn’t act clingy with you. He doesn’t go completely crazy just because you don’t message him after a number of ours. He doesn’t freak out at the fact that you have other guy friends who you hang out with. He lets you live your own life because he knows that he has no right to be controlling you. He has no right to be dictating how you choose to go about your daily life. He understands his boundaries and he knows that true love is about respecting another person.

5. He lets you know how he truly feels about you. He doesn’t act coldor distant with you. He doesn’t play hard-to-get just to test you. He doesn’t play around with you. He doesn’t toy with your feelings. He is very much upfront about his affections for you. He knows that he has strong feelings for you and he isn’t shy about expressing them.

6. He always pays attention to the specifics in your relationship. He doesn’t take anything for granted. He listens to you whenever you’re talking to him. And not only does he listen, but he actually engages with you – he takes note of everything that you say to him. He remembers even the littlest things that you mention to him in passing. That’s how important you are to him. He never dismisses whatever you have to say.

7. He gives you flowers, chocolates, or random gifts just because he knows it makes you happy. He doesn’t need a special day to treat you romantically. He doesn’t need a special excuse to be nice to you. He just is. He just wants to make you as happy as possible.

8. He gives you space whenever you ask for it. He knows that he isn’t entitled to having you whenever he wants. He knows that he has no right to dictate how you should be spending your time. He still respects your individuality and your occasional need for isolation. And he doesn’t guilt you for asking this of him.

9. He always owns up to his mistakes when he’s with you. He is always going to apologize to you when he knows that he’s in the wrong. He is always going to make sure that he takes responsibility for his words and actions in the relationship. He humbles himself enough to actually ask for forgiveness from you in a very sincere and genuine manner.

10. He doesn’t act jealous whenever you find some success for yourself in your life. He acts genuinely happy and proud of you whenever you achieve certain milestones for yourself. He considers your happiness to be his own happiness. He finds joy and meaning in your own personal fulfilment as an individual.

11. He always makes you feel safe and secure in expressing yourself. He never makes it seem like he’s going to hold what you say against you. He isn’t going to make you feel dumb or unworthy of having an opinion. He is always going to cultivate an environment for you to express yourself as freely as possible.

12. He always does his best to be worthy of your love. He never stops trying in the relationship. He always invests himself fully in the love that you have for one another. He is never going to grow complacent or tired of trying to earn your affections.

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  1. Why dose love hurt so much? Mum and dad have been in love for over sixty years, as an outsider looking in I think the definition is doing anything for that person. Sticking with them no matter what they do, even if it irritates you. They will do anything to make each other ?.Their love is pure, their love is true. They have five grown up kids as well as thirteen grandchildren. Moreover, it gets stronger day by day and there is a secret inhrediants to this love ? its never giving up, always supporting each other through thick and thin. But mostly the magic is two ✨ shining within.

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