12 Things That Show He Is a Man of His Word

He’s definitely deserves a king’s throne!

We often say things we don’t mean when we want someone to stay; we exaggerate our feelings in the form of promises to make them stay. Men, especially, often say a lot of huge promising crap that they fail to stand firm on in the future. That usually happens due to their lack of feelings for the woman because if a man in love makes a promise, he makes sure to keep his word even if it kills him.

We should know better than to fall prey to the sugar-coated words of a man and decide for ourselves if he is a man of his word or not. If he really loves you and wants you to stay around, he will do the following things no matter what it takes, as long as they are dedicated to your well-being provided you also do what is expected of you.

  1. Keeps The Integrity of Promises:

Small promises like not sharing your secret with anybody or reaching the anniversary dinner on time might not seem like a big deal but they do say a lot about a man’s nature and dedication towards the relationship.

Huge promises like spending the whole life together and including you in the future plans are a whole other matter. Small promise-keeping is, in fact, something that will tell you if he is committed enough to be able to keep the huge promises.

Love is empty without interest.

If he is not interested in you and your happiness and contentment, he won’t work hard to keep a smile on your face by doing what he said he would do. So if he really is interested in you, he will know how to keep the integrity of promises.

  1. No Fear of Commitment:

You will not see him sweat and fret when something about the future usually comes up regarding the two of you. He will play cool because he will know the value of the relationship he is in, even if he is not ready to commit.

That is a sign of good men: they talk and consider instead of freaking out about something there is nothing to freak out about. They know that not being ready to commit is not a bad thing but something to prepare themselves for and if not, there is always the option of asking for more time.

Fearing commitment and not being ready for it at the moment are two different things and there is no harm in the latter. So if he is a man of his word, he will tell you what is in his heart.

  1. Naturally Protects You:

It is a great sign of a guy being totally into you. He will take a stand for you when there is a need for it without hesitating at all because loving someone comes with taking pride in them.

Protecting you at times when you are not strong enough to hold your own guard up is what a man in love with you would naturally do. He will know your worth and value and watching someone insult you right in front of him will be an impossible thing to happen on his watch. If he does not do anything to stop such a scene, he does not love you.

We are not implying literally fighting’ for you as the ultimate way to protect you, no; ceasing fire in any way to keep you from hurting anymore is the purpose of protecting; to keep you safe and in spirits.

  1. You’re His Top Priority:

As it is famously said that no one is too busy for anything, it is all about priorities; it is actually very true. If you think carefully, we are always ready to leave everything we are doing for something very special.

We are willing to reset our schedule when something we absolutely love comes up, don’t we? Therefore if a person is special enough for us, we would be willing to leave whatever else we are doing to give time to them.

Time is one of the most expensive gifts; if he gives it you almost all the time, he really loves you.

At times when he does not prioritize you and states legitimate reasons, it is your job to see the truth in them and stay calm because love is a two-way lane and he certainly cannot exist in both lanes.

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  1. He is not a man of his word and what bothers me is that I have been in this relationship for 25 years. You stay thinking that he will gradually change, and things will improve, but they only change temporarily and only because I point out the that he has not been a man of his words. When you are young and in love you don’t see these things in a man . You don’t even know what to look for. When you begin to mature and examine your needs in the relationship and you discuss those needs and they are not considered it can be hurtful.

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