13 Signs Your Man Is Definitely Cheating On You

If your instincts are telling you that your man is up to no good behind your back, then you really need to be paying attention. You need to trust your guy – but you also need evidence to back up your suspicions. Here are a few signs that your man is definitely cheating on you.

1. He tells you that he just isn’t really ready to commit to being in a serious relationship with anyone right now. And yet, he continues to act as if he’s being serious with you. He continues to act as if he’s in a committed relationship. This is just his way of absolving himself of any kind of responsibility. He’s making it clear that you’re not a real thing – and that it’s justifiable for him to cheat on you.

2. He puts his phone on flight mode whenever he gives it to you. You might ask to borrow his phone to check out pictures of the two of you every once in a while. But then, he always makes sure to put his phone on flight mode so that you don’t end up seeing any messages that he doesn’t want you to see. It’s his way of covering his tracks.

3. He always brings his phone with him wherever he goes – even when it’s just to the bathroom. It’s because he doesn’t want to leave any evidence of his unfaithfulness lying around. He doesn’t want to be incriminated by the stuff you could potentially find in his phone. That’s why he brings it with him whenever he leaves the room.

4. He has more lady friends than he does guy friends. In fact, if he has more lady friends than you do, it’s highly likely that he’s being unfaithful towards you. He’s definitely a womanizer and it’s only a matter of time before you catch him in the act.

5. He hasn’t really introduced you to his close group of friends even though you’ve been seeing one another for quite a while now. You have a very serious thing going on; but he isn’t really exposing you to his world because he’s scared of what you might find. He’s afraid that his friends might slip up and reveal that he hasn’t exactly been so faithful to you.

6. His phone seems to die out on him a lot when you’re not together. It’s like he goes off to a deserted island whenever you are far away from one another. He makes it so hard for you to reach him whenever you’re not together. It’s because he doesn’t want to have to deal with you when he’s off doing his wild antics.

7. He never seems to want to move forward in the relationship. He’s keeping you on a leash, but he never seems like h’s willing to break that barrier with you. He doesn’t make it seem like he’s ready to get serious with you and take your relationship to the next level. But he’s always doing just enough to keep stringing you along for the ride.

8. He says that you’re being crazy whenever you confront him about your suspicions or apprehensions. This is a common tactic that most cheaters use against their partners. They try to gaslight their partners into thinking that they’re being irrational with the way that they’re conducting themselves in the relationship.

9. He will stop making an effort to initiate sexual intimacy with you in the relationship. The reason for this is because his sexual needs are being met by someone else outside of the relationship. And that’s why he doesn’t really act like he’s eager to engage with you on a sexual capacity.

10. You never really know where he is at any given moment. He refuses to open up to you about his whereabouts whenever the two of you are together. He makes it so difficult for you to find him. He is always very vague and ambiguous about where he’s going to be or who he’s going to be with.

11. He consistently flakes out on you even though the two of you make plans to spend time with one another. He is always cancelling on you. And it’s even more suspicious whenever he isn’t giving you any real reasons as to why he has to cancel. He’s always acting so vague and unclear about where his commitments are.

12. He lies to you all of the time. It doesn’t matter if they’re small lies or if they’re big ones. The very fact that he is so willing to lie to you is proof that he doesn’t think you are deserving of the truth. It shows that he doesn’t respect you enough to always come clean with you.

13. He’s still on dating apps. He hasn’t deleted Tinder from his phone and it’s all because he’s really not set on being with you. He’s still trying to keep his options open.