13 Things You Do Which Really Satisfy A Woman In The Bedroom

5. Treat her like a genuine equal.

Always make sure that you treat her like a genuine equal. You never want her to feel like she is a mere object of your pleasure and sexual satisfaction. You want her to feel like a genuine human. You want her to feel like a real partner in this process of making love.

6. Give her peace of mind by using protection.

If she’s not ready to have babies just yet, then give her that peace of mind while you’re having sex. Make sure that she knows that you have a condom on especially if she isn’t on the pill. This is going to make your sex a lot more enjoyable because she will be able to focus on just the sex.

7. Make sure that both of you reach a climax.

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Don’t be selfish. A lot of the time, it’s easier for a man to reach climax before a woman does. And when that’s the case, don’t leave her out to dry. Use your fingers, mouth, and tongue if you have to.

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