13 Tiny Signs You’re In A ˜Good’ Relationship

There are no masks to be put on and there is no emotion that needs to be hidden. The unconditional warmth helps you two in being open and honest with one another.

While every person has a different view regarding the aspects of a good relationship and they see their own relationships as perfect, there are still some tiny universal signs that can identify a good relationship:

  1. Kindness

Neither of you try to be in absolute control. There is a balance of control and consideration. Beyond all, you two are kind to one another and do not try to one-up the other one after an argument or a disagreement. Moreover, you do not complain or white about one another to others.

  1. Warmth and Affection

There are no masks to be put on and there is no emotion that needs to be hidden. The unconditional warmth helps you two in being open and honest with one another.

  1. Enjoyment

Even though you love spending time with each other and you enjoy it to the fullest, you still have other friends that you hang out and enjoy with. Moreover, when apart, you two find ways to enjoy yourself knowing that your partner would want you to make the best use of your time apart from them.

  1. Conflict Resolution

Instead of starting the blame game, you two have devised a method of dealing with your issues. It can be anything from a hug to talking about things for hours but the bottom line is, you two never let the arguments and conflicts take hold and cause further issues in your perfect relationship.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Trust

There is absolute trust between the two of you. Even though we all make mistakes, you and your partner share everything with you, even when they have made a mistake. In fact, there are no interrogative questions in your relationship because you two trust one another to share the things that are important.

  1. Listening and Learning

You two listen to one another’s difference in opinions and you learn to live with the differences while accepting them fully. Moreover, both of you have learned to accept the other person completely along with their flaws and quirks.

  1. Freedom

The most important aspect of any perfect relationship is freedom. You feel free to chase your dreams and you know that your partner will support you at all costs even if they do not fully believe in your dreams, they still will support you along the way.

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Moreover, there is freedom to be completely yourself without any masks. You want your partner know everything about one another and neither of you have to ever pretend to be something that you are not.

  1. Consideration

A perfect relationship requires consideration on both parts. Your relationship is built on a solid foundation if you and your partner consider the other person before taking any decision. You two care about how your actions affect the other person

  1. Responsibilities

You and your partner do not let each other be overburdened with the life’s responsibilities. Where possible, you make it your goal to share the responsibility thus sharing the burden. If you two are living together, you share the chores and the finances to your best abilities. You two do not expect the other to be responsible for all the things and you have been able to maintain a perfect balance when it comes to responsibility sharing.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Forgiveness

Every relationship has ups and downs and sometimes, one of the partners end up hurting the other either by their words or their actions. However, in your relationship, these problems do not cause lasting resentments. Instead, after taking your time, you two forgive one another because love is a force much stronger than anger and disappointments.

  1. Self-love

When you do not love yourself, you cannot really love another person. You and your partner have self-love and you two practice it regularly by being kind to oneself. Self-love also includes self-care. You and your partner eat healthy food and exercise regularly. When possible, you two go for runs together. Loving oneself is half the secret to a perfect relationship.

  1. Spontaneity

You two understand that every relationship tends to get stale and predictable every now and then, due to this reason, you and your partner are spontaneous every now and then. You two still try your best to surprise one another as soon as things start to get boring. It can be anything from a date night to an extended vacation to a romantic place.

  1. Intimacy

There is a healthy level of physical intimacy in your relationship. Sex is considered a need and it is not withheld in the times of arguments. Moreover, you two know the likes and dislikes of one another and there are no hidden fantasies. In fact, your partner is the only one with whom you feel comfortable in sharing all the twisted but fun fantasies. Not only that, you two try these fantasies out too without any judgement or awkwardness.

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