13 Ways You And Your Boyfriend Already Act Like A Married Couple

1. You are automatically each other’s “plus one” during major events and parties.

You are practically attached at the hip. You don’t go to social events without one another. You are always each other’s dates to whatever party you might go to. So whenever people invite you out, they always assume that your boyfriend is tagging along as well. You don’t go anywhere without being together at this point.

2. You get excited at the thoughts of having date nights at home.

You don’t really feel the need to go out all of the time just to enjoy each other’s company at this point. You’ve reached a phase in your relationship where you just want to spend time with one another regardless of where you are. You find the idea of having date nights at home really fun because you enjoy each other’s company that much.

3. You don’t get grossed out by each other’s bodily functions.

You’re both ways beyond that awkward stage of being freaked out by farts, burps, and periods. You are so comfortable with one another that you don’t get grossed out by these bodily functions already. It’s all part of everyday life for the two of you.

4. You discuss financial matters together.

Money is really an open issue when it comes to the both of you. You don’t hide your financial status from one another. In fact, you practically share bank accounts at this point. You aren’t scared of discussing the state of your finances with one another. You make financial decisions together as a couple.

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