13 Ways You And Your Boyfriend Already Act Like A Married Couple

1. You are automatically each other’s “plus one” during major events and parties.

You are practically attached at the hip. You don’t go to social events without one another. You are always each other’s dates to whatever party you might go to. So whenever people invite you out, they always assume that your boyfriend is tagging along as well. You don’t go anywhere without being together at this point.

2. You get excited at the thoughts of having date nights at home.

You don’t really feel the need to go out all of the time just to enjoy each other’s company at this point. You’ve reached a phase in your relationship where you just want to spend time with one another regardless of where you are. You find the idea of having date nights at home really fun because you enjoy each other’s company that much.

3. You don’t get grossed out by each other’s bodily functions.

You’re both ways beyond that awkward stage of being freaked out by farts, burps, and periods. You are so comfortable with one another that you don’t get grossed out by these bodily functions already. It’s all part of everyday life for the two of you.

4. You discuss financial matters together.

Money is really an open issue when it comes to the both of you. You don’t hide your financial status from one another. In fact, you practically share bank accounts at this point. You aren’t scared of discussing the state of your finances with one another. You make financial decisions together as a couple.

5. You no longer feel awkward when you’re just sitting in silence together.

You don’t feel the need to always be engaging in conversation whenever you’re together. You’re perfectly fine with just sitting in perfect silence whenever you’re spending time with one another. You still consider that quality time.

6. You practically know each other’s life stories already.

There is really nothing that you can hide about your past from one another at this point. You know each other’s stories so well. Hell, you probably already even know each other’s medical histories. That’s how close you have become already. That’s how familiar you are with each other’s lives.

7. A lot of your communication is non-verbal.

You’ve gotten your communication game down pat. You are both so solid with how you communicate with one another that you don’t even have to use words so much anymore. You can essentially communicate with your eyes and facial expressions. That would be enough for both of you to be on the same page.

8. You don’t feel insecure about the future of your relationship anymore.

You know that the future of your relationship is always going to be safe and sound. You might not know what the future holds, but at least the both of you are safe in the knowledge that you are always going to be together. You might have a few trials that you will be forced to face together, but you won’t ever have to worry about being alone.

9. You tell stories and anecdotes together as if you’ve rehearsed it.

You’ve gotten so used to telling the same stories about your relationship over and over again to your friends and family that it all seems rehearsed. It’s as if you’re both reciting lines from a play when you talk to your friends about the adventures that the two of you have been on.

10. People who just meet you generally assume that you’re already married.

You just already have that kind of vibe about you as a couple. You already give off that married kind of energy. It’s evident in your mannerisms and the way that you act around one another. And so whenever you’re both meeting people for the first time, they just assume that you’re already married.

11. You already know how to shop for one another.

You know what your partner likes. And he also knows what you like. You are both so familiar with each other’s personal tastes, that you can shop for one another without even having to ask.

12. You have virtually integrated families at this point.

You consider his family to be your own – and it’s essentially the same for him. Whenever you spend time with his loved ones, you really make yourself at home. And whenever he spends time with your family, they always make sure to make him feel like he’s welcome – like he’s genuinely a part of the family.

13. You don’t even lie to one another anymore because it’s so obvious when you do.

You know how to read each other so well. You can’t lie to one another because your partner would always be able to tell right away. There’s virtually nothing to hide between the two of you at this point. You don’t try to lie to each other and you don’t want to.

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