12 ways healthy couples understand each other without using words

A healthy relationship changes you as a person; you will be glowing like sunshine. I have been in a healthy and stable relationship for quite some time now and things are pretty good. I mean, we do have our ups and downs, we fight, we have arguments, but isn’t all of that an integral part of being a human being and making things work? Studies show that couples who fight and argue a lot have a lower chance of separating because arguments signify cause. Then again, some moments are so perfect that I wish I could collect them in a bottle like Professor Albus Dumbledore did and play them over and over again.

When you are in a healthy and stable relationship, you find more ways to convey your feelings than just words, the both of you develop a higher understanding. It’s like a mother that can understand what her baby wants, when the baby is doing nothing more than crying. My partner and I share silent moments of emotional outpouring all the time without saying a word.

  1. The eye of disapproval

You meet a person that you think is snobbish and that person just doesn’t click, you are trying to figure out if it’s just you. When you look at your partner, they have the same bland expression. You feel so proud at what you both have created out of this relationship and give one another the look of disapproval.

  1. You both basically start reading each other’s mind

You basically start connecting on a another level, you start planning about the same things without telling one another anything. I and my partner always have long romantic talks after having ˜sexy times’, we plan about vacations and all of that dreamy stuff every girl wishes for. It often happens that my husband ends up talking about the exact same things that I had on my mind and I am like “Dude, can you read my mind or something?”.

  1. Sex becomes an act of love

Sex in the beginning has a lot of lust, but once you are stable, it becomes less sex and more love. I mean, we all have physical desires, but when you are in a healthy relationship, it’s not about sex anymore. Sex is just one of the ways you show how much you love one another. It just becomes a part of the 100 other things you do for one another.

  1. You put your partner first

While it is necessary that you look out for yourself, in a healthy relationship, your partner is already doing that for you. When it comes to making sacrifices for one another, you don’t give it a second thought. Boom! it’s done. No discussion required the funny thing is how good you feel about it.

  1. You can smell sadness

Yes I said it, you can smell sadness when you are in a healthy relationship. Your partner could be smiling, cracking jokes and goofing around but you will be able to smell that something’s up and it will smell like dog poop! I don’t know, no matter how good my partner tries to hide his feelings, there is something always off and I can notice. It’s just in the way he walks and looks at me, I just know.

  1. Hiding things becomes impossible

Your gut just knows when your partner is hiding something from you. You might have to ask them a 1000 times, I know I do. I am a tease and a proud one and he isn’t always happy about it, but once it is out of his system, you both can work on it to make things right, right?

  1. Sex becomes its own language

A smile will tell you that things are about to get steamy. You don’t actually have sex anymore, sex has you. Every sexual encounter feels out of this world, with due respect to quickies, but when you have sex it’s like the barrier of skin and flesh doesn’t exist anymore, you connect on a spiritual level. You both know each other so well, that every time you have sex, you both will be like this is the best sex we have ever had!

  1. He knows when it’s that time of the month

You don’t need to tell him, he would just look at you and be like “aww, that again? Come here and give me a hug, do you want hot chocolate or coffee?'”

  1. You have their eating habits on point

When my husband has had a rough day, I fix him a gourmet meal and that would have his hopes up high in no time. Likewise, he knows what to get you every time the both of you go on a date. Food matters a lot, you know?

  1. You spoil one another but you don’t

You both let your partner do whatever makes them happy, I love to eat out and though it might be out of our budget sometimes, he takes me out anyway. Even if it means that he has to work extra hours, but say if I wanted to do something reckless, he would not allow me to do it, because of love.

Let’s say love is a sensual language of its own and people from all over the world are adding to it daily!

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