14 Dumb Fights Couples Have That Only Make Them Love Each Other More

Fights are not always a sign of hatred or dislike. Neither do they always end in breakups. In a healthy relationship, couples, at times, В indulge themselves in silly fights to extractВ more fun out of playful arguments, childish whines and harmless conflicts; onlyВ to grab their spouse’s attention.

At times, we get caught in the vicious cycle of our daily lives, pressures of work, household chores, financial struggles and much more. All these can drain out positive energy from your relationships. To revive our relationship and to add a spark in our daily routine lives, we can get involved into some playful fights with our life partner.В Today, we’re taking a look atВ 14 silly fights that can bring couples together and as a result, increase their love for each other.

1. The You Turn Off The Light Fight

The following is something all couples who are living together may have experienced at one point or another. Who really wants to get off the bed after being all cozy and comfy? You keep on challenging each other for getting up and shutting the lights off. Well, the laziest soul amongst the two partners eventually wins or the partner who can’t think of sleeping with the lights on has to give up. This silly argument every night engages both the partners into a playful cuddling fight.

2. The Who Orders The Menu Item That You Both Want Fight

You both want to try out someВ new cuisine or that new ice cream flavour but no one is willing to take a risk by ordering that new item as his/her menu. And now, you both are fighting for the same item because it’s yummier than you have imagined.В What a lovely experience it is when you are sharing your mealВ with your partner and both of youВ are fighting for some extra share out of it. – Continue reading on next page

3. The I Think You Should Do This But I Don’t Want To Fight

Come on! Go ahead, I will come with you; you push your partner into some embarrassing act and then you flee away. You partner will lovingly hate you for putting him/her into that situation.

4. The You Are Gross Fight

These are the humorous fights you have when either partner is doing something gross. One of the partners just whines about the gross acts of the other. And the one involved in farting, burping and nail-biting is continuing theirВ gross activity to tease theirВ partner even more.

5. The I Don’t Want To Fight About This Fight

At times, you both just start a silly argument and in the middle of it, you find out that actually you both are on the same lines and your were arguing just for no reason. And that’s the moment you burst into laughter in the middle of a heated argument.В  – Continue reading on next page

6. The Where Did You Misplaced My Stuff Fight

Why you always keep on moving my things? Now I can’t find my keys.В At that very moment you see a sarcastic smile on your partners face with eyes pointing to your jeans; your keys are right there hanging out of your pocket. Oops.

7. The Who Gets To Pay Fight

This is one of the silliest fights and mostly gets prolonged with laughter outbursts between couples. You both want to buy a treat for the other and you both are insisting and fighting over this petty issue. Come on! Pay for each other’s treat and enjoy, but you’d rather enjoy the argument you are having with your life partner.

8. The You Have Too Much Crap Fight

You both fight for taking extra space in the closet. For both the partners, the stuff of other is almost always crap. ˜Don’t you dare call my black top bad’, and then it begins.

9. The Tell Me What You Want Fight

You both are telling each other that ˜I will take whatever you want to have.’ But no one actually is deciding what they really want and keep on asking ˜No you tell, no you tell’.В  – Continue reading on next page

10. The What Are We Watching Tonight? Fight

Wow! You plan to have a cozy movie night at home and now you two are fighting upon which movie to watch first. Instead of a movie night, you two fight, cuddle, hide each other’s DVDs and just love this time you’re sharing more than any movie.

11. The You Are Distracting Me Too Much With Your Sexiness Fight

You are trying to work and your love is trying to distract you with all his/her sexiness. Gosh, how can I work? I can’t even focus when you are around.

12. The You’re Coming To My Family Dinner Fight

Family Dinners; another hot topic for silly arguments and cuddly fights. ˜You are coming’. ˜No! I’m not’. ˜You are coming’. ˜No I’m not’. And it goes on and on.

13. The We Are Sleeping Late Fight

˜Get up and let’s go hiking’. You want to sleep late; not a good idea when your partner is standing right beside your head pulling away your quilt.

14. The Play With Me, Love Me Fight

˜You are ignoring me’. ‘Turn Off your Laptop’. ˜Put Down your phone’. ‘Leave the kitchen counter for once please.’В Both the partners are just seeking for each other’s attention. Seeking attention of you lover and fighting for it is totally worth it.

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