15 Things That Happen To The Body When Someone Breaks Your Heart

This is how our bodies respond to breakups!

Heartbreaks are treacherous. They are terrible. Trials of the heart are struggles that you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemies. They have the power to be emotionally exhausting and traumatizing. Heartbreaks can scar people for prolonged periods of time, and they can be very difficult to recover from. Plenty of things can lead to heartbreaks like betrayals of trust, hurtful words, physical abuse, and more. That’s why it’s always important to be sensitive to people who are busy with mending their own broken hearts.

In order to gain a more profound understanding for people who are struggling through a heartbreak, here are 15 things that happen to people’s bodies when their heart is broken:

1. Physical Pain

Headaches. Stomachaches. Literal heartaches. These are but a few symptoms that arise after one goes through an extremely heartbreaking experience. Physical pain presents itself throughout various parts of the body when a person is forced to endure severe heartbreak. It can manifest itself in various forms and degrees.

2. Increased Stress

Increased stress levels are very complicated and they can lead to even more complex bodily dysfunctions. It leaves the body feeling very vulnerable to pain because it wears a body down heavily. Stress is best dealt with rest, leisure, and relaxation.

3. Irregular Appetites

Heartbreaks can either result in extreme cases of weight loss or severe weight gain. It depends on the kind of person that you are. Some ladies will refuse to eat anything because they lose their appetites when they’re trying to mend their broken hearts. Other ladies will choose to eat their sorrows away and drown their misfortune with food. 

4. Severe Sadness

Depression. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. Plenty of heartbreaking experiences can lead to mental deterioration. Lots of people are left psychologically unstable because of a heartbreak and they should always be treated appropriately. Don’t take cases of depression lightly.

5. Inability to Focus

You find yourself doing things that your normal self wouldn’t ever do. It’s like that feeling of walking into a room to do something and then immediately forgetting why you went there in the first place. You start making mistakes at work, at school, or when you’re doing your chores.

6. Slowed Heart

Studies have shown that traumatic experiences like heartbreaks can cause a heart to slow down. Your heart rate may be slowing and your circulatory system may be compromised. You may need a doctor to take a look at you if that happens.

7. Insomnia

Loss of sleep is just one of the many results of heartbreak. You lose sleep by thinking about someone who is no longer in your life or who has disappointed you. And there’s nothing you can do about it because you are left alone in your bed with your thoughts.

8. Heightened Sensitivity

You are more susceptible to pain and anguish now than ever before. Hurtful comments and snide remarks can hurt you so much more now than they typically would because of your vulnerable nature. You try to stay away from negative things for the moment because you know that your heart just can’t deal with any extra stress.

9. Solitude

Because you know that you are vulnerable and that you are very fragile, you will lock yourself up in your room and refuse to see anyone else. Heartbroken people love to be alone because they know that no one can hurt them, even more, when they are by themselves. They refuse to see other people and they don’t want to burden their friends with their own emotional problems.

10. Withdrawal Syndrome

It’s just like an addict who is forced to quit something cold turkey. When someone is deeply invested in another person for prolonged periods of time, and then is forced to cut that person out of her life so suddenly, then expect some weird withdrawal symptoms to occur.

11. Delayed Menstrual Periods


Severe stress can lead to delayed menstrual periods according to scientific studies. The severe stress brought about by heartbreak is enough to alter a girl’s menstrual cycle in ways that other stressful experiences don’t.

12. Weakened Immune System

Not only is a person more susceptible to emotional and mental torment when they are going through a heartbreak, but they are also more vulnerable to diseases and infections. The immense stress that the situation brings to their body is enough to weaken their immune system.

13. Hair Loss

Another dreadful result of severe stress brought unto a body. A person can experience irregular hair loss once it is going through a particularly stressful experience.

14. Cramps

Menstrual cramps can also be initiated by increased levels of stress in a person’s body. Not only does a person have to bear with the emotional distress of heartbreak, but physical pains brought about by cramps will be stressing them out even further.

15. Self-Doubt

The worst possible experience that a person has to deal with after heartbreak is self-doubt. You start questioning your worth in the world and whether you will able to find love. Your confidence deteriorates and your wounds are deepened.

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What are some of the symptoms you’ve been through while going through a breakup? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Crying, stomach aches, chest pain, can’t sleep, lack of appetite, wanting to be alone, no strength for anything and much more

  2. All of the above happened to me..married 40yrs to a man who built his emosional relationships with other women. Never acknowledged our marriage. No validation. Yet in private pretended to love me. Only closeness was through sex. Now older that is also gone. Empty. Love my children very much. Theýre adults now. Im very lonely and resentful. On auto pilot all the time.

  3. Insonmia..loss of appetite ..solitude.. Anger..hairloss..have been suicidal..darker in complexion. The list is endless

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