17 Things You Can Do To Be More Romantic To Your Lady

Romance isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world; but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as rocket science either. It’s not something that you necessarily have to study about in a book. It’s not something that you have to go to school for. It’s supposed to be natural and organic. But sometimes, it doesn’t come as naturally to some people as it does for others. And that’s exactly what this article is for. If you’re looking to be more romantic in your relationship, but you don’t exactly know where to start, then you should definitely read this article.

Of course, these are only a few examples. And you don’t necessarily have to limit yourselves to these tips. You can even tweak them a little bit to make it more personal and sincere. What’s important is that you always stay genuine and true to yourself. You always want your partner to know that you are serious about making this relationship work; and that’s why you’re willing to put so much effort into your romance.Romance is always something that you have to define for yourself; but in case you need a few ideas for inspiration, then just read on:

1. Give your girl a random bouquet of flowers on a random day. Tell her that you don’t need a special occasion to serve as an excuse for you to be romantic.

2. Write your partner little love notes. Sure, you talk to each other often. You’re practically sending each other text messages every hour of the day. But there’s something so endearing about a handwritten note.

3. Prepare a nice bubble bath for your girl after a long day at work. You know just how hard she works; and sometimes, she just wants to go home and relax without having to think about anything.

4. Give your partner a coffee mug, trophy, medal, or certificate that depicts her being the best girlfriend in the world. It might seem corny, but she’s still going to appreciate it.

5. When you’re out for karaoke night with your friends, put your song on and dedicate it to your girl – even when you’re a terrible singer. It’s the effort that counts.

6. Call your partner during her lunch break just to tell her that you love her and that you want her to have a nice day. It’s a nice way to make her feel loved and appreciated even when you’re not together.

7. Get up and dance with your partner when you know she’s itching to do so even when you don’t know how to dance and you’re scared of being made fun of by people who might see you.

8. Surprise your partner with roundtrip tickets to a romantic vacation spot where the two of you can just bond and connect as a couple. It’s a great way to really strengthen your relationship.

9. Set up a candlelit dinner for you and your partner as she gets home from work. Surprise her with it and make sure that you’re all dressed up and handsome for her. It’s very intimate and very romantic as well.

10. Spend your entire Saturday at home with her if she’s sick. Curl up on the couch together and just watch her favorite movies and shows for the whole duration of the day. Remember to feed her as well.

11. Go old school. Make a mixtape for your lover with all of the songs that mean a lot to you as a couple. It’s a classic move; but it’s always going to be timeless.

12. Jump into the shower with your girlfriend in the morning and have surprise sex with her to give her a good start to her day.

13. Kiss her on the forehead as she’s resting her head on your shoulder whenever you’re curled up in bed or on the couch together. You don’t always have to be going straight for the lips.

14. Don’t drop a ball during the important dates of your relationship. This includes anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Days; always go all out. Don’t be underprepared. Put a lot of planning, preparation, and effort into it. Make sure that she knows she’s worth all of that hard work.

15. Give her a few back massages and foot rubs whenever you know that she’s feeling stressed. And don’t do it with the intention of wanting to have sex with her. Just do it out of love.

16. Take her to the movies to see that film she’s been so excited about even though it’s not typically the kind of thing that you would be into.

17. Be kind to her friends and family. Show her that the most important people in her life are also going to be very important to you.


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