Men Reveal Where They Like To Be Touched While They’re Being Kissed

Just admit that you’re curious and you want to know where he likes to be touched while you’re kissing him. A lot of times when I kiss a man, particularly when it’s our first or second kisses together as a couple, it can be a very emotionally conflicting experience. For the most part, it’s exciting. It’s always thrilling to be kissing someone for the first or second times. I have to feel my way through it and figure out if here’s chemistry between the two of us. I have to find out if there’s some serious potential to be had between the two of us. But also, it feels so nerve-wracking and excruciatingly anxious. Am I doing things right? Do I still remember how to kiss? Does he actually enjoy what I’m doing?

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I believe that a huge bulk of what makes a really good kiss is hand placement. I always want to make sure that I know were to put my hands and what to do with them especially when things start getting hot and heavy.  Of course, I know where I like to be touched whenever I’m locking lips with a guy. But what I like doesn’t necessarily always translate to other peoples’ preferences as well. It just doesn’t work that way. I might enjoy being caressed and touched in various places during a really steamy make-out session. Buti can’t just assume that all men are going to want to be touched in those same spots as well.

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To tell you the truth, a lot of my kissing prowess is purely dependent on my kissing partner as well. And even though that might sound like a copout, let me explain first.

If I were dating a guy who had a nice head of hear, then I wouldn’t hesitate to ruffle his hair with my fingers. But keep in mind that that technique would never work with a bald guy. It would completely feel weird if I just rub against his bare scalp with my fingers. It’s not a very sensual feeling and it might end up killing the mood entirely.

I make it a point to always try my best to explore the sexual leanings of people that I get intimate with. I always want to be at the top of my game after all. It’s a challenge that I pose for myself to just never stop learning about sexual psychology.

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