8 Feminine Things That Men Secretly Love

You know how they say that men and women practically come from different planets? Well, that might be true for a lot of things. But that isn’t necessarily always going to be the case. There are plenty of aspects in life wherein men and women will actually share a lot of likes and dislikes.

There is so much pressure that men put on themselves these days to be “macho” and “manly” when they are around their peers. They make fun of men who like “girly” things but that shouldn’t really be the case. We should all open our eyes to the modern era. Men and women don’t necessarily hold ownership over particular activities and interests just because of their gender.

Own up to it. It’s really okay. No one is going to judge you for thinking or acting like that. If you’re a man who is reading this, you shouldn’t be guilty about taking pleasure in these things.

And you shouldn’t be making other men feel guilty about it either. IF you’re a woman, don’t make him feel judged for liking these things also. So, without much further ado, here are a few feminine things that men also secretly like.

1. Gossip

Everyone love’s a good story every once in a while. And don’t discount men on that fact. Men are going to want to hear their fair share of gossip too.

2. Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping? This idea that only women love shopping is absolutely absurd. A lot of buys are going to want to go to the malls and indulge in their favorite clothes and toys. Boys really do love shopping just as much as women do. It’s just that boys are probably a lot more efficient in the way that they shop and so they don’t spend so much time doing it.

3. Pampering

All people are going to want to experience a good pampering every once in a while – not just women. And if a man wants to get a massage, go to the spa, get a facial, have a bubble bath, or whatever, then he should get to do so without feeling judged or emasculated. Any decent man is always going to be deserving of a really good pampering every so often.

4. Facial Care

Facial care isn’t necessarily leisure that should be afforded to just women. Facial care is something that should be part of any responsible and self-caring adult’s routine.

It’s only good hygiene for someone to want to put in a little extra effort to take care of their faces. After all, people mostly notice other people’s faces first when they see each other. It’s only right that a man will want to get into his skin care as well. So, don’t be judging a man who has a facial mask on.

5. Fruity Cocktails

Who doesn’t love fruity cocktails? They give you the nice buzz of alcohol while also giving you the sweet indulgence of fruits and such.

They are even really nice to look at when small pieces of fruit and tiny umbrellas are attached to the cup. Boys shouldn’t be afraid of heading up to the bar and ordering a cocktail for themselves. They don’t always have to be ordering whiskeys and beers all of the time.

6. Crying From A Movie

Every man is going to be deserving of a good cry every now and then. That shouldn’t really be a problem. Men are even deserving of crying as a result of a romantic movie or a really sad song.

We should all get rid of this stigma of boys who cry. It should always be okay for a man to express his emotions however way he would want to as long as he isn’t causing harm unto other people. And crying is a perfectly acceptable response to an emotional situation.

7. Singing In The Shower

Usually, you’re going to picture a woman who is singing in the shower and that’s why she’s going to take so long to get ready before heading out.

But that isn’t always going to be the case. Men might like to indulge in a few musical bars while they’re in the shower as well. A lot of guys secretly love to be humming or even belting out to their favorite tunes while they’re in the middle of a heavy shampoo.

8. Cuddling

You might think that men aren’t going to like cuddling. A lot of people just assume that men are only interested in having sex and then getting out as fast as they can. But that’s not always the case.

A lot of men are going to want to engage in the cuddles with their women. This is especially true for the women they’re deathly in love with. A man is always going to secretly like feeling the warmth of a loving embrace from their partner.

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