17 Tips In Kissing That Men Could Use To Make Their Women Happy

Men, take notes!

Kissing is probably the most basic, but also the most beautiful form of intimacy. This romantic gesture has been around for as long as anyone can remember. While it can be difficult to relay the exact reasons as to why kissing can feel very romantic and innocent, there’s no denying its emotional and physical power. Kissing has a way of assuring someone of your love for them. So it’s very important for people to make the most out of their kisses.

For all the interested men out there, we know that you’re confident in your skills to lip-lock, but everyone could use a little help every once in a while. If you want to up your kissing game, then maybe you could follow some of these tips and try them out on your woman. At the very least, you’ll be giving her a new experience every time you start your make-out sessions. Here are 17 tips in kissing that men could use to make their women happy:

1. Take care of your oral hygiene. Visit your dentist every six months, and brush your teeth twice every day. It also helps if you gargle some mouthwash just before you’re about to engage in a lip locking session with your girl.

2. Stop eating food that’s going to make your breath stink. Examples of such food items include onions, garlic, curry, and other spices. If you do have to get a quick bite, at least have some mints or mouthwash ready before you kiss your girl.

3. Don’t let that beard get too scruffy and big. Yes, we know it makes you feel manly to have a well-grown beard. But on the other hand, a lot of girls find beards annoying when kissing. It tickles and scratches their face and it can distract them from the actual kiss itself.

4. Take some organic olive oil and rub it on your face after a shave. This will help smoothen out your face and make your kissing experiences just a little better for your woman. A little olive oil can go a long way in making your face feel like a baby’s bottom.

5. Don’t rush into your kiss. Approach her slowly, put your lips in front of hers, and very slowly make gentle contact. Don’t let your hands be idle. Make use of them by wrapping your arms around her to the point where your bodies actually feel like one.

6. Like real estate, location is everything when it comes to kissing. Choose a comfortable and preferably private spot with intimate lighting. It even helps if you have some romantic music softly playing in the background.

Tease her by kissing other parts of her body before you settle for her mouth. Go for her neck, her shoulders, her cheeks, or her chest first. Then slowly inch your way towards her mouth building up anticipation as you go along.

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