27 Men Share Things They Didn’t Know Before Living with a Woman

Learning about your partner is a process. If you pay attention, listen, and give them your heart, you will eventually find all of their likes and dislikes. When you start living with someone, this process becomes more powerful. Today’s Reddit post comes from AskMen; it is about men who learned things about women after living with them.

The user who posted this question has deleted their account, and the original post is archived and deleted. Still, it received an enormous amount of comments and answers from men from all over Reddit’s community.

Here are 27 of the best answers; all of these are wholesome, sweet, and funny.

1. hoopdog7 learned that home is where the heart is:

“It is home with her, it is just an apartment without her.”

“It is fun as hell. My gf is my best friend and every day coming home from work and going to get food, or making food, or cuddling on the couch watching shows, or whatever we do.. I love it”

2. loercase learned facts about showering:

“Apparently showering and washing your hair are separate events.”

3. LordSn00ty learned about color coordination:

“The color of their shoes will match their earrings and their purse, and if you look carefully, will pick up the highlights of the design of their top. And that’s not an accident.”

“I never realised this was a manner of dressing until I saw it being assembled first hand, and then the next day at work it was like I paid attention to what my female colleagues were wearing and I’m like HOLY CRAP THEY ALL DO THIS.”

4. chillipotpeeps learned he can’t open curtains properly:

“According to my wife I cannot open the living room curtains properly and she always need to redo it”

5. ciregno learned a bunch of facts:

“Women are both simultaneously messier and cleaner than men. It’s bizarre how messy rooms can get with them and how quickly they can turn it around and make it clean!”

“Also random hairs everywhere, and make up stains that appear.”

“They also have a really weird obsession with glass containers or jars.”

6. Sensitive-Cherry-398 learned about the importance of bobby pins:

“No matter how many bobypins are in the house, there is always a need for more”

7. AKA_Studly learned about a refrigerator’s true space:

“You find out the amount of food that a refrigerator can really hold.”

8. zathris learned that he can’t properly load the dishwasher:

“I load the dishwasher so inefficiently, I’m no longer allowed to load it at all.”

9. cavemanfitz learned about proper soap placement:

“There is an incorrect place for hand soap on the sink.”

10. The_Bee_Sneeze learned new rules of the house:

“If you leave something on the kitchen counter, it will get put/thrown away. If she leaves something on the kitchen counter, that’s where it goes now.”

11. thatnovaguy learned to be patient:

“Fancy makeup takes a long time.”

12. Podlubnyi learned to share:

“I never realised that she’d start wearing my clothes. T-shirts, sweaters, not even my damn underwear is mine any more!”

13. Brianplease learned about moving things around the house:

“If they leave stuff at the bottom of the stairs, that means you’re supposed to bring it up. If it’s at the top of the stairs, you should bring it down. Also, the correct place for objects in the kitchen is where they currently reside. Stuff is gonna move around constantly, just roll with it.”

14. Sensitive-Cherry-398 learned about the importance of an hour:

“If you need to go anywhere together at minimum an hour notice is needed.”

15. AverageFatGuy learned not to interfere when a woman’s drying her hair:

“When they do that hair thing with the towel, their hair is wound up in the towel. Don’t try to playfully knock it off or pull on it.”

16. MiloFrank learned his wife and daughter share his cargo pants’ pockets now:

“I’m happily married and have an amazing daughter. My cargo shorts pockets are no longer mine. Wife gets the right side, and my daughter gets the left side. My stuff goes in the back pockets.”

17. Cooscous learned about comfort:

“I didn’t realize living with someone could be so fun and comfortable.”

18. thebestatheist learned to be kind:

“I never realized how much I could love someone until my wife and I got together. Living with her has been a large part of learning to give.”

19. the_monkey_of_lies learned about plants:

“How nice house plants are. Now I have all kinds of plants and my place feels so much more nice and relaxing”

20. SoapsDisc learned about how powerful love can be:

“I didn’t realize the amount of comfort I would get. I always thought it would be like having a roommate but it’s way different especially with a SO. When my girlfriend and I started living together I felt more comfortable in just about every way in my own apartment. The empathy and emotions brought to the place is also incredible. It felt more opening and welcoming after living with a bunch of guys in college where emotions don’t really happen.”

21. Bravo_November learned about who really owns the bed:

“Your bed is a lot smaller than you realise…”

22. btwrenn learned:

“The benefits of face cream.”

23. Truckerman1972 learned the true purpose of his legs:

“That the main use for my legs are not for walking, but for warming cold feet.”

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Source: RedditWhat did you not know or realize until after living with a woman?

  1. I love how all of these men never once complain, they actually embrace it and coming from a woman it’s lovely to see. Remember men that the toilet seats position is key, down is always right lol

    1. I learned that if a woman lacks the situational awareness to notice if the seat is down, or the lid down or not, means she is probably rigid and prone to many other unawareness habits and therefore injure themselves frequently and do not notice hazards in general. These women generally want the lid up constantly for their convenience with no concern for safety or health reasons.

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