3 Signs That He’s In Love With You But Has A Fear Of Commitment

Maybe this is a situation that you have actually been in before. You happen to be dating a really great guy and you feel like you’re hitting things off. Things are going so well but there’s still one little thing that fazes you. There a signs that he’s in love with you but you still get the sense that he’s not totally there. It’s as if he’s scared of actually being with you.

Let’s take a look at the evidence.

You meet a guy and there is an instant spark between the two of you. The chemistry is really there. Whenever the two of you are together, it always just feels right. You feel as if you have what it takes to take on the world so as long as you’re together.

But then suddenly, he starts growing distant. He pulls away from you. It’s as if he’s completely withdrawing into himself and he is leaving you there dazed and confused. You don’t understand what’s going on. You were acting so careful about not wanting to come off as too aggressive or forward. You did everything in your power to not scare him away. You were so confident that he was definitely in love with you – but it seems that in the blink of an eye, he turned around and walked away. Where did things go wrong? Can you still fix it? How do you get things to go back to the way that they were?

Hold on. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Step back from the situation and understand that it probably doesn’t even have anything to do with you. Don’t give up on him just yet. Don’t just throw your hands up in defeat. You don’t want to let him go just because he seems hesitant or anxious. You don’t want to end up missing out on a chance at finding true love with this guy especially if you know that you have some serious potential for chemistry. He might very well be still in love with you – he just might be dealing with some serious commitment issues that are holding him back from being with you.

He may have been scarred in the past. He may have been wronged before. Maybe he committed to someone long ago and he ended up getting his heart broken as a result. Maybe he decided a long time ago that he would never allow himself to fall in love again but then he met you. He fell in love with you and he’s afraid. He is afraid that he’s going to end up getting hurt by you as well.

If you feel like you’re unsure about the things that are going on in his heart, then you just need to open up to him about your insecurities. Ask him to open up about his feelings and apprehensions. Ask him to tell you about all of his fears. Just because he seems to be pulling away from you doesn’t mean that your relationship is automatically doomed. You should still be willing to fight for your relationship.

Try to stay patient with him and find out where he is coming from. Remember that just because he loves you doesn’t mean that he is automatically going to want to be with you. Love is a gray area and you’re going to have to be comfortable there. It’s not always going to be black and white. It’s perfectly possible for you to be in a relationship with someone who loves you but doesn’t want to commit to you for a number of reasons.

You just have to be able to read the signs. If he still loves you, then you always have a fighting chance. You always have a shot at fighting for your love. You just have to determine that the love is real and all you’re really battling with are commitment issues. Here are a few signs that your guy is in love with you but is afraid of committing to you.

1. Your relationship is composed of either fireworks or crickets.

He can be very hot and cold in your relationship. In one minute, he’s acting like the best guy ever. He’s so sweet and romantic. But then suddenly, he seems so out of it. He’s not invested all of a sudden.

2. He doesn’t really devote a lot of effort or time to your relationship.

He doesn’t seem willing to be spending a lot of effort in your relationship. He doesn’t seem willing to prioritize your relationship on top of other things in your life even though he tells you that he’s invested.

3. He tells you that he loves you but he doesn’t seem willing to make future plans with you.

He doesn’t seem willing to talk about the future with you because to him, everything is still in uncertain.

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