5 Simple Reasons Why Narcissists Won’t Last In Relationships

Narcissists have a reputation for being very conceited, self-centered, and just plain self-serving. They tend to always be looking out for their own personal self-interests. A narcissist is likely to only ever really be thinking about himself. He won’t be looking out for the needs of other people. He won’t be mindful of the feelings of those around him. He is going to conduct himself in however way he sees fit. He’s going to carry himself the only way he knows how – in ways that benefit him.

And while many experts are in conclusion when they say that narcissists are capable of falling in love, everyone is in agreement when they say that narcissists are incapable of sustaining love. There is a stark difference. When you first fall in love with someone, it’s almost natural. It’s very easy and instantaneous. As they say, you don’t really choose who you fall in love with; you can only choose to stay in love with a person. And that’s a choice that narcissists are rarely ever capable of making. And if you want more justification for this idea, then just continue to read on until the end of this article.

Consider yourself on treacherous territory if you are ever in a relationship with a narcissist. You never want to be finding yourself in such an unfortunate position. If you find that your guy is a narcissist, you better try to get him to change his ways for the sake of your relationship. If not, then things are never going to last. Why? Here are 5 simple reasons as to why narcissists won’t last in relationships:

1. He is going to need a constant supply of attention and validation.

In a healthy and happy relationship, there must always be a healthy exchange between two individuals; and that exchange must always be equal and balanced to a certain degree. And you’re just never going to be able to find that balance with a narcissist. He is going to demand EVERYTHING. He is going to demand ALL of your time and attention. He is going to want you to bombard him with copious amounts of compliments and cheers. He’s going to constantly be seeking your support. He’s going to USE and ABUSE you until he won’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. He will use you up until you have nothing else left to give.

2. You are going to get fed up with him eventually.

At the end of the day, you’re the one who is eventually going to get fed up with him. You might think that you’re in love with him now and that you have what it takes to sustain a relationship with this narcissist. But over time, you’re going to grow to really resent him. You’re going to hate everything that he represents because of how he treats you and how he conducts himself in the relationship. He isn’t really going to give you much incentive to stay in love with him, and you’re going to walk away from him at some point. You’re going to end up abandoning the relationship because of who he is.

3. He is never going to be content with what you give him.

You can be giving ALL of your life to him and he isn’t going to be happy. That’s the thing with him; it’s as if he’s never going to be pleased. A narcissist is always going to be demanding for MORE. He’s always going to ask for more than what you can give, and it’s eventually going to reach a tipping point where either one of the two of you is going to break, and that will be it for your relationship.

4. He doesn’t take a realistic perspective on life.

He is going to think that the world is revolving around him. And it’s that kind of deluded thinking that is going to lead to him making the wrong decisions a lot in your relationship. He’s going to believe that everyone should bend to his will even when that’s not really the case.

5. He doesn’t respond well to criticism or dissent.

You would never be able to make things last with a man who doesn’t respond well to criticism. Yes, you would never want to criticize your partner to make him feel bad. But you also know that neither of you is perfect human beings and that there should always be room for improvement. You always want to be moving forward in life as you become better people. And he is just never going to grow to become a better person if he doesn’t positively respond to any constructive criticism that you might throw his way. He needs to be humble enough to accept that he isn’t going to be right all of the time. And his narcissistic self isn’t going to allow for much humility at all.

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