5 Ways To Boost Intimacy In Your Relationship Without Having Sex

It’s always such an exhilarating feeling when you find that one special person to fall in love with. And it’s very easy to fall in love with someone. However, SUSTAINING a love and keeping a relationship alive is a whole other ball game. There are just so many complicated aspects that go into trying to make a relationship work. You have to have good timing, excellent communication, maturity, commitment, trust, and mutual respect just to name a few. If you fall short on any aspect of a relationship, then you are compromising the entire relationship as a whole. One of the more important aspects of sustaining a relationship is strengthening the level of intimacy in a relationship.

And when one says intimacy, people usually automatically think about sex. And that’s fair. After all, sex is the pinnacle of physical intimacy. There is nothing more physically vulnerable than just having sex with another person. You are most physically connected with your partner when you are having sex. However, sex is only one method of furthering physical intimacy. And physical intimacy only comprises one aspect of intimacy in a relationship. There is also such a thing as emotional and mental intimacy as well. And it’s very important that people in relationships are able to build on the other aspects of their intimacy as well. Otherwise, the intimacy in the relationship doesn’t become as well-rounded or as strong as it should be.

So, don’t think that having sex with your partner is enough to actually sustain the intimacy between the two of you. You have to be able to build intimacy with your partner in other ways as well. And if you don’t know how then that is exactly what this article is for. Here are a few ways you can build intimacy in your relationship without having sex.

1. Emotional Openness And Eye Contact

Studies have shown that partners who are more open with one another about their feelings and emotions have very strong bonds and connections. Of course, you might feel uncomfortable with making yourself vulnerable to someone. You know that opening yourself up would also mean risking having someone hurt you for your openness. You know that you are putting yourself in a position to get hurt by talking about your feelings and emotions to someone. However, in a truly intimate relationship, a certain level of vulnerability and trust is always going to be required. You’re going to have to allow yourself to be vulnerable so that you can get closer to your partner. And you’re just going to have to trust that they aren’t going to hurt you or take advantage of you.

2. Laugh together as much as possible.

It’s often been said that laughter is the best medicine in life. And that’s true. It’s always important that you and your partner have a healthy sense of humor in your relationship. Yes, physical attraction may be what drew the two of you together in the first place. But looks can fade over time. However, a sense of humor can only get better with age. And down the line, you are always going to want to find a way to be happy and joyous with your partner. It’s always good whenever you are able to laugh despite all of the challenges that your relationship may have to face. When you find an excuse to laugh with one another as much as possible, you are always focusing on the positives.

3. Cuddle

Cuddling is another form of physical intimacy that you can also engage him. You don’t always have to be getting sexual to be physically intimate with your partner. When you cuddle with your partner, you release oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is actually a hormone in your body that helps you trust people more. It creates comfort and trust between two people. And when you trust another person, you are getting closer to one another. That’s why it always pays to cuddle with your partner. That physical closeness that you have with one another is going to create an emotional closeness as well.

4. Exercise Together

There is substantial evidence to support that couples who exercise together are more intimate as well. When you exercise, you get your heart rate up and it can boost feelings of romance. Exercise also releases endorphins in the body – the happy hormone. And the happier you are in your relationship, the more comfortable you are going to feel around your partner. Not to mention, getting into good shape is going to make you both more physically attractive to one another.

5. Emotional Openness

And lastly, emotional openness is key when it comes to establishing intimacy in a relationship. You will always want to be on the same page with your partner. You will always want to be discussing your feelings and emotions with each other so that you can get to know one another more.

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