6 things he definitely wants from you

Women are always complaining how men never keep to themselves. They’re not big on sharing feelings or whatever’s on their mind. So they never really know what’s going on with them. Even if you’re with a guy of the sort, and you’re never sure of what he likes or what he wants you to do for him, you need not worry. We all have tell-tales. So just look for signs indicating what he does or doesn’t like. That being said, there are a few things that your guy would generally appreciate coming from you, even if he doesn’t say it out loud.

These things include:

  1. He wants to spend more time with you

If you’re a bit of a social butterfly, make sure you make time for him. Make him your priority. There is no excuse for you to ignore him. You don’t have to cut out everyone from your life or give up everything you love doing. All you need to do is strike a balance. He wants you to give him more time even if he’s not saying it.

  1. Stop trying to change him!

There’s a difference between what you don’t like about him and something that is actually wrong. They are rarely the same thing. If it’s something that doesn’t reflect well on him as a person, then maybe you could make him realize (in his own time and space) and help him get rid of it. As a couple you’re supposed to bring out the best in each other. But if it’s something like his hair or his obsession with a sport, then you should find a way to accept it. Remember you’re not in control of him. Love him for who he is, don’t try to change him unnecessarily.

  1. He wants time to himself as well

How do you unwind after a long, busy week? See your friends, a day at the spa, a movie marathon or a shopping spree maybe. He needs to unwind as well. Just because he does it differently than you doesn’t mean it doesn’t help him relax. Watching sports, playing games, maybe even a road trip with friends. So don’t complain when he wants to have time to himself. If he has enough time to himself, he would have never fall short of giving you the undivided attention you deserve when you’re with him.

  1. Respect

You could be complaining about how he doesn’t respect your feelings or thoughts regarding a certain subject, but has he ever done the same? Maybe not. But don’t fool yourself into believing that if he’s not complaining, you must be doing everything right. Think about how you treat him. Are his opinions important to you? Do you consider them when the two of you are deciding something together? Or do you always have things your way? Moreover respect and appreciate his efforts and the part he plays in the relationship. He not only deserves but also wants to be respected, even if he isn’t saying it.

  1. Encouragement

He tries challenging himself every now and then to become a better version of himself and to reach new heights. Be the support that he needs. Believe in him and you’d see how that’d add to his confidence. Especially when he is thinking about giving up, remind him of why he should keep at it. It pleases him to see that you have faith in him.

  1. He wants to know you

You might have doubts about this one, but he does actually, sincerely wants to get to know you. Of course he won’t deal with it well if you’re giving him too much to process at once. Get to know his moods. Talk to him when you know for sure he’s in the mood to listen. He’d not only listen but also remember the things you tell him; especially those that hold a great deal of importance to you. He loves how you can go on and on about something you’re passionate about. He equally adores your embarrassing stories. When you share your deepest, darkest secrets with him, is when he appreciates you for trusting him.

These are some of the things that he wants from you in addition to affection, praise, sex and so many other things. Some of these he’d have no trouble asking for, while others he’d never let you know. As much as he might appear to be, your man isn’t completely incomprehensible. Try connecting with him and getting to know him. It will work out well for both of you.

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