Headed to your first date? Check out the six things NOT to say on a first date.

6. Past Relationships

The past is the past, don’t be one of those stuck up people who bring up their past relationships on the first Date. It will make you seem like you’re still not over your ex and you’re only dating this person to make yourself Feel better or to see if they can fill the gap that your ex left you with. Don’t bring up any topics about your ex, Good or bad, it won’t end well.

5. Children

Slow down there! It’s the first date. We all love kids, but talking about how many kids you would like to have Might make you seem insanely rushed and pushy. These things are talked about later, when you’ve spent A handsome amount of time with your partner, but it’s definitely not a topic of the first date; unless you want To scare the person away.

4. Religion

Religion is a very sensitive topic, something that is a huge no-no on the first date. We all have different beliefs And we all like living by them, by talking about it on the first date might make you seem like you’re trying to Impose your way of living on them, so don’t. Religion, like many other touchy topics, can be discussed when You know the person better, but for that to work you need to have a second date and not scare the person away.

3. Marriage

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments and it is one of the hardest decisions to make, it involves two People agreeing to happily living together and belonging to each other for the rest of their lives, it is highly Advised NOT to discuss marriage on the first date. You will only make your date uncomfortable by talking About it, marriage talks happen when you two know each other inside out.

2. Money

It’s perfectly okay to talk about how you earn your living or what your hopes and dreams are in life, it’s a totally Different thing to bring up your personal finances in front of your date the first time you see them. You are with The person to be loved, you want them to love you and not your wallet, so keep the money talks far away from The table.

1. I Love You

It’s the first date, you need to take your time and get to know the person better before you say the three magic Words. If you have already proposed and it’s the first official date, say it as much as you want. But if you both Are trying to get to know each other and you say it, it might make you seem too desperate to get them and it Might decrease the respect they have for you. Take your time, have a couple more dates, you’ll know when The time is right to say it.

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