6 Quickest Ways To End A Fight In Relationships

Quickest Ways To End A Fight

Every couple fights, it’s very natural and healthy and shouldn’t be considered harmful. Arguments are robust because you two are the same, you two are very different people who are trying to share a life, so the difference of opinion is bound to come up sooner or later, it’s the way of the world. The part where your feelings and affection come in is where you actually stop the fight and get healthy again; some couples are very good at it while others elongate the process even further.

Here is a list of 6 quickest ways to end a fight quickly and easily; let’s begin.

6. Calm yourself down

First and foremost, calm yourself down and don’t let your anger take control of your thoughts. Once your passion starts to kick in, everything will go downhill real fast, so don’t make it happen. Try your best to be as calm as you can be, you’ll be frustrated, and you’d want to scream at the person, but hey, do you want to yell at someone you love?

Won’t you feel horrible about it when the fight is over? Words, once said, cannot be taken back, and when we are angry, we tend not to think before we speak.

So don’t let your anger steer the argument around and be as calm and collected as possible.

5. Think of how much they mean to you

The real beauty of love is to love them even when you want to hate them because love can’t just die because you two can’t agree on something, true love stays the same and shows its face as soon as the two of you calm down. Whenever I fight my girlfriend, sure we go at it, we let each other know exactly how we feel. Then we slowly start calming each other down and eventually get back to normal again, the vital thing to remember during arguments and fights is how much you love the person and how important they are to you.

Because that’s what matters in the end.

4. Don’t ignore the topic

I’ve known a few couples who use something called the “ignorance method,” it’s one of the stupidest methods I’ve seen. The idea here is to ignore the fight, just let it “fix itself” and try to (or pretend to) be reasonable with each other, it DOES NOT work that way! Your argument is going to stay there until you talk it out and find a solution, an argument left unsolved is going to come back to bite you harder than ever. Don’t ignore the fight, talk about it, let each other know how you feel, don’t keep it in, or you’ll be regretting it later.

3. Don’t elongate the fight

Some couples tend to take days before they get healthy with each other after every match, that’s not healthy for either of you. When you two argue, have that argument and end it right there and then, don’t let it create any distance between you two and don’t let it live for two long. The most extended flight I’ve had with my girlfriend was for 45 minutes, and after that,

we both got normal again and never spoke of that fight, that’s called a healthy argument, things are bound to get heated when you’re trying to share a life with someone, just don’t let the heat go beyond your control.

2. Don’t use the “Past Card.”

During an argument, NEVER use each other’s past to make each other feel weaker. It isn’t a competition; arguing doesn’t mean you definitively have to win, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about solving a problem. If you use their past, it may lead to a bigger fight, and it may also hurt their feelings more than you can imagine, no one wants to be reminded of their past during every argument and every match.

If you have to argue, argue using the facts, argue about the problem, find a solution to the question, don’t increase the problem altogether by using each other’s weaknesses.

1. Get closure after every argument

I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat it, closure is significant after every case. After each fight, make sure the two of you mutually come to an agreement and put an end to the battle together, get proper closure; otherwise, the same argument may come back stronger than ever during a later battle, which will eventually lead to a much bigger conflict. Keep it in control, it’s natural to fight, as long as it doesn’t become excessive and unhealthy.

Question of the day

What was the most extended argument you’ve had with your S.O.? Leave your answers in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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