7 Common Reasons Why Men Still Breakup With The Girls They’re Still In Love With

Love alone is never going to be enough. And you have to be mature enough to acknowledge that fact as early as now. When you meet someone for the first time and you have an immediate spark with that person, it can be very exciting.

You feel like nothing can stop you and the two of you are practically meant to spend the rest of your lives together. And that’s normal at the start.

You think that the sheer strength of the bond that you share as a couple would be enough to pull you through. You believe that just because you love one another, nothing is ever going to get between the two of you.

But you’re in for a rude awakening whenever you get deep into the thick of your relationship.

Just because you have a man who loves you doesn’t mean that he’s going to stay with you forever. There are many factors that go into men deciding to stay in relationships with the girls that they love.

And a lot of times, men decide to walk out of relationships not because there is a lack of love – but rather, because they find out that love alone is not enough.

There are many facets to a relationship’s strength and love is only going to comprise one part of it. If you are curious about the many reasons why a man would choose to leave the woman he loves, then you should read on until the end of this article.

If you think that you are guilty of a lot of the things that are listed on here, then that might prove to be problematic in your relationship. You never want to be giving your man any reason to ever leave you no matter how much he loves you.

That’s why it’s important for you to be making yourself aware of the many potential reasons why a man would leave a woman he’s desperately in love with.

1. He doesn’t feel appreciated in the relationship.

Sometimes, a man’s dignity is going to come first. And just because he loves you doesn’t mean that he’s going to let you trample all over his pride and sense of self.

If he doesn’t feel like he is being valued or appreciated in the relationship, he will not hesitate to walk away.

2. You are no longer the same woman he once fell in love with.

Maybe he fell in love with the woman that you once were but he’s no longer in love with the woman that you have now become.

That can happen in a relationship. People change. And when the relationship fails to adapt, the relationship can fall apart.

3. He doesn’t believe in his abilities to make you happy.

He doesn’t really think he is capable of making you happy. He might have to sacrifice certain things that he isn’t willing to give up just to make you happy.

Perhaps he knows that he isn’t the type of guy who can live up to your needs and expectations in a relationship. That’s why he chooses to let go of you rather than hold on to his love for you.

4. You have mostly negative interactions these days.

You are mostly just interacting with one another in a negative way. It’s an unpleasant experience that makes you feel sad and unfulfilled every time you interact.

The relationship has left him feeling emotionally exhausted as a result of being with you. And that’s why even though he loves you, he has decided that it’s just not worth it.

5. You have different life goals.

If you show an unwillingness to compromise and meet each other halfway when it comes to your life goals, then things are never going to work out no matter how much you might love one another.

You always need to have that willingness to merge your goals if you have fundamental differences. It’s all about being able to compromise your personal selfish needs for the sake of the relationship.

6. You try to fix him or change who he really is.

Just because your man loves you and shows a willingness to do anything for you doesn’t mean that you get to take advantage of that. You should never make your man feel like he isn’t enough for you.

You shouldn’t be making him think that you want him to fundamentally change who he is. You always want to make sure that he feels loved for who he really is on the inside.

7. You act too needy or clingy in the relationship.

It’s always a problem whenever you act too clingy or needy in your relationship with your guy. Just because he loves you doesn’t mean that he’s going tow ant to spend every single waking second of his life with you.

You have to be able to give him the space that he needs to breathe and be his own person. If not, you’re going to risk suffocating him and driving him away from you.

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