7 Pieces Of Terrible Relationship Advice That You Should Never Follow

Here’s a pro tip about taking relationship advice from society – don’t.

We are all in need of some good advice every once in a while. That’s why it’s always important that we surround ourselves with people who are smart and insightful; people who are able to offer us fresh perspectives on the world.

These are people who are able to give us important learning points that we can use to lead better lives. Conversely, it’s important that we tune out people who just give us bad advice. We never want to be misled into making bad decisions that could be detrimental to the way that we live.

But how do you know if a person’s piece of advice is going to be good or bad? Well, a lot of the time, you can’t really be sure until you experience it for yourself. And that’s unfortunate if you end up following a bad piece of advice that ends up blowing up right in your face. But hey, that’s life. You live and you learn. You rise and you fall. You make your mistakes and you do your best to grow from them.

But sometimes, it pays to get things right the first time – especially when it comes to love. You don’t want to follow terrible relationship advice because it could potentially cost you a shot at having a happy life with the person who you love the most in this world.

You don’t want to end up losing a perfectly healthy relationship just because you’ve been given terrible advice by an unreliable source. And when it comes to relationships, there are so many terrible pieces of advice out there and you really have to make sure that you’re careful before you decide to follow them.

But to help put your mind at ease, this article is going to highlight a few popular pieces of advice that you should never follow under any circumstance. Don’t risk it. You don’t want o be the cause of your relationship’s failure. So just learn to say no to terrible advice and save yourself the trouble.

1. “You should always choose to be with the person who can give you more.”

Sometimes, it’s good to assess your relationship by how much you’re getting out of it. But it should never be the sole basis or motivation for you to stay in your relationship. You shouldn’t be choosing to be with a person based solely on how much value that person adds to your life. You can’t have such a selfish philosophy going into your relationships.

2. “Never let your partner boss you around like an employee.”

You shouldn’t really be looking at it like that. Yes, you shouldn’t be allowing yourself to be a doormat. But you shouldn’t be so offended if your partner has certain expectations and standards as well. You just need to communicate your needs to one another and make sure that you’re always on the same page so that no one’s feelings get hurt.

3. “You have the right to demand your partner to be like those people you see in romantic movies.”

Be realistic. You can’t expect your partner to be romantic if it’s just not their personality. You can’t expect your partner to cultivate a fairytale-like atmosphere in your relationship if your love just isn’t built like that. Stop focusing on what you see in the movies and start looking more into

4. “Just shut up and avoid conflict as much as possible.”

Never shy away from conflict. Don’t eat your feelings away. Speak up whenever you feel the need to. It’s important that you understand the importance of getting through conflicts and disagreements in a mature and healthy manner. It’s a lot better than keeping your feelings bottled up inside until you implode.

5. “Go ahead and snoop through their private messages. It’s your right in the relationship.”

You never have the right to violate anyone’s privacy – especially your partner’s. Just because you are in a relationship together doesn’t mean that you just get to do whatever you want. You still need to have boundaries. You still have to be able to trust and respect one another as mature adults. Don’t betray the trust that your partner is giving you.

6. “You have to demand that they bring home a certain amount of money if you’re going to stay together.”

While money is an important factor in relationships, it should never be the prime driver of your romance. You can’t put ultimatums like that in the hands of your partner. You can’t be so materialistic and shallow to think that money is what is going to make or break your relationship.

7. “You should try to make your relationship more like our relationship.”

This is probably the worst piece of advice on this list. You should never feel pressured to make your relationship like another relationship. You should never have to judge your relationship based on how another relationship conducts itself. You are in a unique relationship that only you get to judge and work on.

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