6 Undeniable Feelings You Get Whenever You’re With Your One True Love

You know it’s true love when…

The signs don’t always have to be hard to see. They can be right there in front of you staring you blankly in the face. A lot of times, we get hesitant with our relationships even though they’re going so well because we’re wired to believe that all good things must eventually come to an end. But we have to remember that not all things have to end especially when love is concerned. There are some relationships that endure the test of time, and these are the kinds of relationships we have to cherish, not fear.

Sure, you’ve probably had your heart broken in the past. That’s why you remain skeptical now even though things are going really well. But you really have to learn to let go of all the pain and anguish of the past if you really want to be able to enjoy the present; if you really want to be able to be excited about the future. There may be a few reasons for you to doubt your relationship at the moment, but the good signs clearly outweigh the bad.

So just always choose to see the good in your relationship. Let the good signs overpower the bad and be sure about how good you have it in love and in life. Be thankful that you’re in a healthy and functional relationship with the person that you’re with. If you still have your doubts, then just read on through this list. If a lot of the items on this list apply to you and your relationship with your partner, then you’re definitely in safe and good hands. Just don’t fight your love anymore and treasure it. Value it the best way that you can.

1. He makes you feel comfortable about being yourself.

He never makes you feel like you have to change who you are. You always get this liberating feeling whenever you’re around him. He gives you the freedom to operate at your own pace and in your way. You are never compelled to act a certain way or to carry yourself in a certain respect. He always pushes you to just act naturally. You never feel like you have to force anything that you’re not comfortable with.

2. He manages to arouse something in you that no one else can.

There’s a very distinct feeling that you get whenever you’re around him that you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s a very abstract and unique feeling that you only ever get whenever you’re in each other’s presence. It’s as if he has this special effect on your personality and your outlook on life. He manages to change your mood by simply being around you; and it’s always a change for the better.

3. You feel confident about the bond that you have with one another.

You know that you have an emotional connection with one another and no one can ever deny it. You are confident that you have a bond that is able to withstand whatever irregularities or disruptions the universe has in store for you. There is a chemistry between the both of you that other couples would absolutely kill for. You are rarely ever not in-sync with one another because of the natural connection that you just seem to share.

4. He never gives you an excuse to feel jealous or anxious.

You are perfectly confident about the fact that he would never betray you because he never gives you an excuse to suspect him of anything shady. He gives you a sense of ease and security about the state of your relationship. He never makes you feel like he would be disloyal or dishonest with you. He is always letting you know just how much he’s willing to commit to this relationship with you.

5. You are in a perpetual state of elation.

You are never not happy whenever you’re with him. No matter how tough things get; no matter how bumpy the roads may be, as long as you’re by his side, you are always going to be happy. The level of happiness and elation that you have just because of your relationship is palpable. It really shows with how you choose to live your life and conduct yourself. It’s always emanating from your face and you love that feeling that you get because of him.

6. You will always want to be with him as much as possible.

It’s almost an obsession that you have with him and with your relationship. You can’t stand not being around him because you know that he makes you a better person overall. You love the effect that he has on you and your lifestyle and you’re not willing to compromise that for anything in the world. You are always looking to make the most out of what you have and you should really never take it for granted because what you have is rare.

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