6 Thoughts Every Woman Has When She Meets The Right Man

Relationships should make us feel more confident and content about ourselves rather than hurting our self-esteem and shattering our confidence into pieces. It depends on the way your partner treats you and thinks about you. If your partner trusts you and loves all your imperfections, you wouldn’t feel utterly hopeless about your shortcomings too, and you’d find ways to make them better, fix them instead of going through anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

Relationships that give you more tears than smiles are not worth your energy and time. Your man should make you feel protected and give you enough reasons to nothing but good things about yourself. Sometimes in relationships, we end up accepting the kind of treatment and behavior which we would never tolerate in our lives otherwise. This is because we romanticize the pain brought on by an unstable relationship and are blindfolded by a love that may be bad for our mental health. It gets difficult to reason, make decisions about the kind of mean you’re dating; if he’s the right one for you or not. However, there are a couple of thoughts that are guaranteed to cross your mind if you are with the right man in a healthy, thriving relationship.


While in a relationship, the perfect man will never criticize how you look or how you carry yourself. He will be more concerned about your soul, your spirit, heart and your mind.you always look perfect and flawlessly beautiful to him and he will never make you feel less confident about your outer appearance for any reason whatsoever. With the right man around you, you will love yourself more, and he will be the one to give you the strength and the will to fix your insecurities.


Your boyfriend should treat you like an equal. He shouldn’t try to have the superior person in the relationship. Men who are insecure suppress their partners and discourage them from pursuing their dreams. However, a sensible partner would respect you and your goals. He will be there supporting you in every step of life. He will be your guiding light. You will feel valued, and you will know your worth when you are in the right relationship. He will protect you from everything that could possibly have you struggling to remember your importance.


Before meeting a person, who treats you right, we usually accept ill-treatment and undeserving hurt that a man who takes a woman for granted has to offer us. Girls get comfortable in a traumatizing relationship thinking that they deserve it, that it’s normal, that that is just how life works, and that kind of emotional abuse is merely an indispensable part of loving and being loved.

But when they break their shackles and finally choose a guy who knows how to respect his partner and give them all the love that they rightly deserve, girls are struck with the realization of having been a part of an unhealthy relationship with an undeserving man the whole time. They understand the importance of being treated right. The right man, through his actions, makes the girl see the difference between being treated right and being exploited.



When you have a partner, who cares about you and who gives you everything you deserve, you will be elated. Every day will be a new day. You would want to do better each day, and you will look forward to the next day. You will want to spend every day with your guy. The right man brings positive vibes to your life. He becomes your spectacle to see the beauty of life and this world. You feel like living your life with energy and a positive outlook. Your partner plays a significant role in molding your perception and feelings about life.


Sometimes we choose a man for ourselves who makes us hate the entire idea of love and relationships. The type of man who makes his girlfriend cry, feel insecure, and depressed. On the other hand, if you give a chance to relationships with the right person, you will know that such a bond is worth all your time and efforts. The right man will make sure to make you happy, and your life will suddenly begin to light up with his presence in it. In a relationship like that, girls know that being with your other half is better than being on your own.


When you are with the right person, you will have the confidence of being good enough; you are good enough for him, everything that you do for him and for the relationship is appreciated, and it is enough and most importantly, that you make an excellent girlfriend or wife. He will not make you feel pressurized into being someone you’re not, doing things you do not want to do, and making you feel like you’re not enough. The right man will never make unnecessary demands, and your love will never go unnoticed. He will acknowledge your efforts, and they will be enough for him. He will be content with you, and his confidence in you will push you into believing that you are the right girl for him and you’re more than good enough for the relationship.


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