10 signs you’re finally being treated right in a relationship

Why do people drift apart when they still claim to love each other? Does it really make sense to part ways when still in love? Being in a relationship with someone you adore doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good relationship or the kind of relationship you want. You might love them to bits, but if you don’t like the way you’re being treated, there’s only so long you can put up with it. Relationships tend to become unfulfilling when you feel unappreciated or taken for granted. It’s not all that difficult to identify. When you find a relationship that is exactly what you wanted, where you are truly valued, consider yourself lucky. Here a few signs of such a relationship:

1. They don’t play games with you

There is no playing hard to get, or on-again, off-again, or wordplay or any sort of mixed signals. They don’t lead you on with the intention of leaving you hanging in between. You know exactly where you stand in their life, how much they value you and the relationship as well. You don’t need to read into everything they say, because there are no hidden meanings. They’d always say what they mean to say, nothing more, and nothing less.

2. You can be open with them, without the fear of judgment

They make you feel comfortable enough to not keep anything from them. And trust them enough to confide in them. You can share your fears, your dreams, and your worst experiences, and they’d always lend an ear. They won’t make you feel bad about yourself or tell you off. You trusting them and them accepting you strengthens your bond even more.

3. You can have a life aside from the relationship

They’re not clingy and neither are you. You both respect each other’s space. Having a life outside the relationship is crucial to your individual identity; a relationship alone cannot define who you are as a person. There are so many aspects to a person’s life than just that one person. And spending all your time with just them can be suffocating for both of you. Spending time apart helps you appreciate them even more. And the things you do, that are not related to your partner, help you be yourself. You both want each other to make the most of life, with or without the other person.

4. They’re never out of the picture

Maybe not literally, but they never cut you off, for any period of time. When they’re away, they don’t forget about you. You’d hear from them every now and then, and you’d want to stay in touch as well. They never make you wait too long to get you thinking if they even care, or do they not notice you missing or maybe they’re better off on their own rather than being with you.

5. The meets are planned often

A lot goes into your dates. You guys decide on a day, the venue, and of course the activity. It isn’t something that just happens out of the blue and is a make-do date. The dates may be simple but engaging. There may also be those last-minute plans, but most of the time you both especially set time just for each other.

6. You’re more than just a pretty face

It’s natural to be attracted to someone beautiful. You can’t help it. But that doesn’t distract them from getting to know you. Sure they appreciate your looks, and why shouldn’t they, but they’re more interested in you. What goes on inside that head of yours, how you feel about certain things, what makes you laugh, what turns you into a madman, and so on.

7. They appreciate the way you look as well

They’re affectionate not only in their words but also in their actions. They love every inch of your body and never shy away from professing it. Not that they don’t see the other aspects of you, but they never ignore your physical being either. They love in every way they know.

8. You want them to meet your family

Introducing someone to your family is never easy. You never know how those things would turn out. You’d only dare do such a thing when you’re absolutely sure that at least things from your partner’s side are going to go well. And how do you know if they’d do well? By the way they treat you of course. When you’re being treated well by your partner, you have confidence that anything or anyone related to you will be accepted gracefully. You know they’d make nice with your family just for your sake.

9. They listen to everything you have to say

You could be whining about the weather, or narrating that argument you had with your friend, everything you say, counts. They’re always attentive when you’re speaking, no distractions. You’ve listened to and understood. Nothing you say is made fun of or overlooked as unimportant. If you have something to say, no matter how significant it actually is, it is important. They’d listen to your problems all day long and try helping you with them. Even if they can’t help, you get a load off your chest. If there’s something they did wrong, they’d not only listen to you but also try to do things differently.

10. You’re always loved

Maybe not always in the most elaborate manner, but in those tiny gestures as well. After all, the smallest things make the biggest difference. When they’re away, you’re the last person they’d talk to before going to bed, filling you in on the events of the day. They’re involved in your life at all times. Every little triumph is a reason to celebrate. And every set back is an excuse to get your mind off things. The love is unconditional.

So these are the signs you should be looking for. Hopefully, all of you have at least a few of these in your relationships. Love and be loved!

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