7 Signs That You Are Falling Into Depression

So what exactly is depression and why is it so serious?

Well, the first thing that you should know is that depression is far from feeling just sad or lonely sometimes. All of us human beings are going to feel pangs of sadness and loneliness occasionally. Every now and then, something is going to happen in the lives that will make us grieve and feel woe. Perhaps, something in your work life doesn’t really go according to plan. Maybe you are forced to deal with the loss of a very close family member. Perhaps you are forced to let go and move on from a very close and intimate relationship that you were in. These are all perfectly acceptable situations for you to experience feelings of sadness and loneliness.

However, when you feel like you are having prolonged episodes of sadness, despair, and desperation to the point that it is actually interfering with your quality of life and your day-to-day productivity, then you might have depression. And that’s not something that you can just brush off. Depression isn’t some “mental illness” that people make up just to get sympathy votes from those around them. Depression is a very real mental disease that has destroyed the lives of so many people around the world – and it’s always important to take a disease like this seriously. If you feel like you are falling into depression, it’s very important that you acknowledge the problem and muster up the courage to seek help from a trained professional.

There are some people in this world who suffer from a major depressive disorder just once in their lifetime. Usually, it’s when someone goes through a very emotionally traumatic episode in their life that leaves them to deal with a temporary depressive episode. However, there are also those in life whose depressive episodes are more chronic. They are either seemingly perpetual or they are recurring. And the worst part about these recurring depressive episodes is that they get worse and worse every single time the victim relapses. And when left untreated, sometimes, it can get to a point where the depression becomes untreatable.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential for you to know whether you’re falling into depression or not. If you spot the signs early on, then you are able to get treated at the early stages. And you reduce the risks of you having lasting damage on your life because of this terrible mental illness. If you find that a lot of the signs listed on here actually apply to your life and how you feel, then you are probably falling into depression. Seek help as quickly as you can.


1. You get overly stressed and irritated easily. It’s as if even the simplest issues, troubles, or problems that you experience during the day are really big. And that’s only because you are carrying so much baggage already that you feel like anything that gets added to your plate can overwhelm you.

2. You are always trying to isolate yourself especially from the people that you love. You do this because you know at the back of your mind that depression is a disease. And you want to be sparing the people you love from this disease because you don’t want them to go through what you’re going through right now.

3. You are always so drained and tired all of the time. This is a result of all the emotional baggage that you are carrying on your shoulders. You are going through life with so much extra weight that you just need to be shedding off, so to speak. If not, you’re just going to feel so tired and drained because of all the extra effort you have to put in just to make it through the day.

4. You lose interest in all of the things that you used to really enjoy. You stop (thanks guys) partaking in any of the hobbies or interests that you used to be very passionate about. You do this because it seems like nothing in this world is ever going to be able to make you feel excited or happy anymore.

  1. I’ve been trying to deal with depression my whole life everything I read is me to a tea except i do shower but i get days i don’t theres to much to say but i bin thinking stupid my family doesn’t talk to me and they think it’s all me i need help my anxiety is so bad if i don’t take my anxiety meds my whole body shakes and vibes i suffer from goraphobia also

  2. The description of depression is accurate but as with anything, you can’t really understand something you have not yourself experienced. You can think you do. You can pretend to. But it is like trying trying to describe physical pain- hard to put into words.

  3. Absolute correct. Thanks so much for this vital information. Keep up the good work. Knowledge is power.

    Earline Bentley

  4. There’s a typo in the above – where it says you ‘start partaking’ (4) it should say ‘stop’.

  5. Coupled with your ADD, depression sucks your productivity, your creativity, your will to overcome, your focus, strength of will, willingness to finish what you started . . . it overwhelms the faith you may have once had – in anything, and pretty much erases any positive self-image you ever imaged – or tried to establish mentally/emotionally. PTSD (which encompasses a WIDE range of life experiences (including injury, loss, disease . . .)), certainly reinforces all that’s negative about you – especially hopelessness . . .

  6. I haven’t found it gets worse every time. It gets easier to come out of every time. But spotting the signs can be difficult (although easy after the event).

  7. I ave suffered from depression for 20 odd years and now the doctors ave removed all medication and I’m in a mental state where ive withdrawn and shut myself away from the world and this the time when I should be seeking help but my cpn and doctor are claiming that I ave no mental health issues so there for I ave hade all medication stopped and I feel like a darkness is around myself I’m not eating I’m not very social I force myself to go out but thats even as difficult as sayin to my doctor you’re making it worse and if it continues then the pressure will blow and then real truth questions will be asked after its too late to sort the issues out

  8. after reading this article I can honestly say I was like that for most of my entire life, I lived in fear of everything. I tried to get past it and have a little bit , as it is not quite as bad as before, but find myself falling into the garbage pit again, and again, many thanks for writing this article, I am hoping I can find a better way to combat this daily torture.

  9. 4. You lose interest in all of the things that you used to really enjoy. You stop partaking in any of the hobbies or interests that you used to be very passionate about.

  10. YES! These are so accurate. I just lost a great job because of my absences, and just didn’t care like I should have because the stress of the job was getting to me most days- I couldn’t concentrate and stay on tasks well, which was making things worse for me. The few days I missed (unfortunately, during my 90 day probationary period) I laid in bed totally unable to DO anything and it would get me further behind in tasks – which added so much more stress. My memory sucks a lot of times. I found a supplement that helps (Lions Mane and Omega 3 together-but couldn’t budget the cost of a refill in because of bills, financial situation, etc) but plan to get back on that regularly ASAP.
    I was 7 days from becoming eligible for medical coverage when I got terminated. I didn’t want to disclose my depression because I’ve done that before and thinking ‘everyone knows’ made things much worse for me before and I ended up on FMLA, resigned 6 months from securing my STATE pension) and moved to another state for a fresh start- was better for a while until BAM- stress returned somehow or another.
    I’ve severely overweight, have sleep apnea (which increases the symptoms, I know) and just don’t have medical coverage right now – and I KNOW I need to get back into regular therapy and get that sleep apnea diagnosed and treated so I can feel more energetic.
    Today is a good day- and I’m about to clean my house that has gotten completely out of control (which, I know, also worsens things- STRESSFUL environment). I KNOW all of the things I need to know to get, and keep, myself out of the dark clouds – but as you know, it’s easier said (or known) than done,
    I’m going to be charging forward as hard as possible to get myself out and try to keep motivated. I plan to get carved sayings for my wall in my bedroom that say positive sayings so I see them every day for inspiration.

  11. Very useful article but you have a very serious typo. You say “You START partaking…” when I am sure you mean “You STOP partaking…” Here’s the paragraph4. You lose interest in all of the things that you used to really enjoy. You start partaking in any of the hobbies or interests that you used to be very passionate about. You do this because it seems like nothing in this world is ever going to be able to make you feel excited or happy anymore.

  12. I still cry at night, when everything is quiet and dark. It has been 2 1/2 years since my husband died of stage 4 lung cancer.
    I took care of him until he passed in my front room..53 years of marriage, and all alone gets to be very lonely.

  13. You start partaking in any of the hobbies or interests that you used to be very passionate about.


  14. im currently on citilopram. im good on this medication but if im waiting for a perscription i feel the floor comming up i get palpertations and im very short tempered. but even though im on thiese citipram. i still feel like shit tired like i just want eat crap chocolste mainley. im so very board with life. same shit diffrent day. i hv difficulti sleeping sometimes or get woken by my boyfreind who has difficulty sleeping and carnt get bk sleep. if i.plan for a sleep i feel bad keep myself awake to clean or get called lazy im exhausted by 3.00pm ready for bed but i hv to do my duties and cook tea etc dishes. normal stuff. but today its catching up on me felt like sitting on my butt but i didnt i was going sleep but my mum called so i cracked on made my mum a bru said wont be kong just doing dishes i asked my eldest daughter help and she did. but i felt so tired exhausted and weak. no energy larthargic and tired just looked and thought u know wht i really carnt be bothered today gettinv head aches to probs from lack sleep. been told can up medication but im skeptical of doing it as i hv battled all my life threw abuse and domestic relasionships and children treating me like shit cus of my choice in partners and how theve been. feel so drained and tired and just like my lifes shit dont go out apart from shops shopping and school runs. now ive been told weight loss is good and excercise i walk everyehere but nothing seems come of so joined slimmi g world group and lost nearly stone do feel alot better in myself but not my thoughts feelings

  15. Take Vitamin B3 ( 1,000 mg 3 times a day ) and Vitamin C ( 2,000 mg 3 times a day). Changed everything. Look up Dr.Abram Hoffer.

  16. PLEASE, PLEASE fix the typo so people will stop fixating on that….dang! Like they’re not intelligent enough to know what the author meant…… Geesh. ???????

  17. It’s weird. I can read or skim articles but one thing that is more humorous is that the person or persons writing and person reading is allowing their emotions open up. Hm not the most greatest idea unless the person who’s reading has a throughout plan, then it’s on both persons who wrote and who’s reading. It doesn’t have to be THAT serious!! Good luck and keep living til you die!!

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