7 Signs Your Partner Is Treating You Like A Placeholder

You should never make someone your priority when they’re only treating you like an option.

There is just an abundance of overwhelming feelings and emotions that can overtake you whenever you find yourself in a happy and healthy relationship with someone you love. And since everything seems to be going so well, you could risk lulling yourself into a false sense of security. Yes, you would want to assume that every happy relationship that you’re in is actually built to last.

But what happens if you’re proven wrong? What if you’re just being led on to nowhere in particular? You don’t want to end up falling in love with someone who isn’t really interested in going all the way with you. You want to be with someone who really makes you feel secure about the future of your relationship. So how do you know if your partner isn’t just stringing you along for a temporary ride until someone better comes along?

That’s not necessarily a very easy question to answer especially if you’re virtually inexperienced in having these kinds of relationships. Yes, you could feel like everything is going fine in your romance – but then someone better comes along, and then you get replaced just as easily. And you wouldn’t want to even think about the pain that an experience like that would bring you.

When getting into a relationship with someone, you have to make sure that you are smart about it. You don’t want to rush into falling in love with someone even when you don’t have all of the facts yet. You have to make sure that you really get to know a person; to really find out what their intentions with you are.

You can’t be too trusting of everyone in this world. There are just too many selfish people out there who will only use you for their own convenience; and then leave you high and dry once they’re through with you.

So be very vigilant. Keep an eye out for the following signs in your relationship. If you find that a lot of these actually apply to your partner, then it would be probably best to call them out on it. And if they are unwilling to come clean to you about what their intentions are, then you better just walk away from the relationship entirely.

You never deserve to be someone’s placeholder. You don’t deserve to be a backup plan. You don’t deserve to be a mere option. When you fall in love, you have to be that person’s priority. And anything less than that is unacceptable.

1. Your partner dodges all talks about the future.

Your partner doesn’t want to talk about the future because they don’t really see a future with you. That’s just the truth. They don’t want you to think that you’re actually going to be around long enough to necessitate a discussion of a future that you could share together as a couple.

2. Your gut is telling you that you shouldn’t really be trusting this person just yet.

Learn to trust your instincts. You have to remember that when you’re first falling in love with a person, you can compromise your own critical thinking by letting your emotions get the best of you. And that’s why you really have to stay attuned with your subconscious.

3. Your partner doesn’t even try to integrate you into their life.

Your partner doesn’t even open up to you about their hobbies or their career. They don’t introduce you to friends or family. They are merely content with just coexisting right beside you without necessarily letting you all the way in.

4. You don’t find any clue of your existence on their social media pages.

You want the hard truth? They want to keep you a secret. They’re still making it seem like they’re available for dating. They don’t want other people to know that they’re in a committed relationship to you because they’re still open to seeing other people.

5. Your partner has casually mentioned that they’re not looking for anything serious.

This is one of the biggest telltale signs that your partner isn’t committed to you. It’s like a disclaimer that they can use on you the moment they decide to leave you. They will tell you that they don’t want anything too serious because they are afraid of commitment.

6. You don’t really talk about deep and meaningful things with each other.


Just because you talk a lot doesn’t mean that your partner is going to be serious about you. It’s really about the quality of your conversations that matters. You need to have a partner who is willing to go deep with you; someone who is really willing to open up to you about serious and intimate matters about life and love.

7. Your partner only ever really shows up when it’s convenient to do so.

That’s not what a relationship should be about. When you get into a relationship with someone, there should be consistency and stability. And if your partner flakes out on you just because it’s inconvenient for them to be there for you, then that’s a sign that they’d willingly flake out on you anytime.

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  1. It’s really out of my control, and I prefer to just say it’s a dream and forget about it. The only thing left to do is wait for time to finish everything.I believe that over time, everything will become a memory and After a year or two, any problem should be normal. There is people who in love but not together. 2022,2023,2024 time passing with too slow it seems like. I destroyed my feelings with you for you. No one can break my heart anymore.

  2. Yes it has I am no longer with him I broke up with him a month ago my issues with him he had ED waited 3 years for him to fix it he had a lot of issues with he tried the blue that did not I studied his problem to help him to see how fix it on the internet I would send him articles about it did not see much effort from him to look in to it he said he talk to his dr about all the did was give prescription for it did not work I have never had to deal with this on the with any other man it was all new to me I was with for 3 year never met his family in anyway shape or form in that time they only live 2 hours away I kept asking about this matter that really bothered me he met two daughters only one timei could go on an on anyway I did break up with him two summers ago I should never gave him a second change nothing change well they if want a change I have to change it so I did I can believe I fell for all his shit well live and learn that I did what I really trying to say is thank for opening my eyes I deserve so much better I am a fan good woman to he did not see that his lost and the next gentleman gain anyway u again my name is Deborah a good hearted 60 year old woman

  3. My partner and I were supposed to meet for a weekend away. We are/were in a long distance relationship. I sent her money to do all the bookings as we both agreed. I sent her money for her flight and for accommodation as I wanted her to be comfortable with the place we will be spending the weekend. On the day she was supposed to fly in she switched her phone off. When I confronted her she won’t give me an explanation but regularly texts me as if everything is okay. What should I do? I do love her but the betrayal cuts deep. She’s living her life like nothing is going and she looks happy. She doesn’t usually post statuses but after the incident she’s been posting every single day. I am confused cos I feel like she wants me for her convenience and my feelings are not considered.

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