7 Women Reveal Some Pretty Crazy Breakup Stories

Breakups are very difficult emotional rollercoasters. Heck, they even have the power to drive some girls really crazy. Just how crazy? Well, read on further to find out.

“You might not believe me, but I actually locked myself in a room for almost a month. I just wanted to escape from the world for a little bit. The pain was just too much for me to bear and I felt like if I shut myself in, I wouldn’t have to confront the reality of it all. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to do anything. I refused to attend to any of my responsibilities. In fact, the only reason my whole “lock-in” ended was because I ran out of food and booze. Everyone I knew thought I was going through a serious mental breakdown. And now, looking back, I think that might have truly been the case.”

– Cassie, 25

“You’re definitely going to judge me after I say this but I don’t care at this point. I know that I’m no longer the petty girl that I was when I was going through a breakup. I was still feeling the pain and the betrayal from our surprise breakup. I just couldn’t accept that our relationship had ended and it wasn’t done on my terms. So, I decided to drive down to his house and unloaded a few dozen eggs all over the front façade of his home. He wasn’t home to witness the entire event. However, his parents were. And I had never been more scared in my entire life when I saw those porch lights come on.”

— Ashlee, 22

“I couldn’t stop crying. The tears just wouldn’t stop flowing. No matter how hard I tried to control my sobs, I just couldn’t seem to do so. My feelings had this power over me that I couldn’t topple. And it was hard because I had roommates who I lived with. I didn’t want them to see me cry every night. And so I decided to sleep in my car for a while. I didn’t want to keep them awake with all my inconsolable sobbing. I thought that would be too selfish. I slept in my car for the better part of a month before my friends dragged me back to bed.”

– Jasmine, 29

“I know this is going to sound really crazy but you have to understand that I was so incredibly overcome by emotions. I hated how I was feeling at the time and I was willing to do anything to make the pain go away. I so desperately wanted to be okay again but I knew that I couldn’t get there on my own. I wanted to find a way to speed up the healing process. So, I decided to go and see a psychic. And I have to tell you, even the psychic thought I was being crazy.”

– Taylor, 31

“I just went into full-on stalker mode when we broke up. There was nothing that he was doing that I didn’t know about. Every so often, I would try to drive by his house during dinner time just to catch a glimpse of him having supper with his family. I would obsessively go on his social media profiles to see what he’s been up to and who he has been hanging out with. I would even go as far as to look at all his FRIENDS on social media to see what he’s been doing. I was obsessive and I hate myself for it.”

– Becky, 21

“He cheated on me. And I wanted revenge. I could have handled a proper breakup with poise and grace. I knew that I had the temperament for that. I just wish he could have been honest with me about how he was feeling. But he wasn’t. He was a weasel. And he cheated on me. That drove me crazy. I lost all sense of poise and grace. All my tact went flying out of the window. Want to know what I did? I hijacked the morning announcements at my high-school and I made sure to let everyone know that he cheated on me. I wanted our entire school to know that he couldn’t be trusted.”

– Millie, 24

“I went on a series of one-night stands. I’m not all that proud of it. I know that I was putting myself in danger with regards to sexually transmitted diseases and stuff. But it was all I could think of to do to drown out all of the pain that I was feeling. It didn’t work, of course. I felt even emptier because of it. But one thing is for sure: I got a whole lot better at sex.”

– Lisa, 30

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