8 Reasons Why Couples who eat together, stay happy together

I’m a foodie, a very honest and critical foodie. I’ve talked about my love for food in a lot of my articles, I just love trying out new things and testing out new flavours, I believe in good food being one of the strongest drivers of happiness in our lives. Now, because I’m a foodie, I can’t really be in a relationship with a girl who has no interest in food. Guys, you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about all of the times she has said "I’ll eat whatever" or when you ask her for a place to eat, you get a very bland "I’m fine with anything", I just CANNOT deal with a person who’s this uninterested in food. One of the major reasons why I click so well with my girlfriend and why we have a very strong bond is our mutual love for food. I can’t stress this point enough, it is truly a blessing to have a partner who is as interested (or maybe more) in food as I am, who wants to keep trying new things and also suggests new places to go to, it is bliss, sheer bliss.

This article is going to be about how couples who eat together, stay happy together. These are going to be some of the major reasons, let’s begin:

1. You don’t have to "pretend" to be all formal

Foodie couples have a closer bond than normal couples. They are so fond of the way they share food and try all the new flavours that they don’t have to pretend to be all formal when they go out to eat. I mean don’t get me wrong, table manners are important, but they kind of fade away once you create that bond of comfort with your partner and when you eat together all the time, you become more comfortable with them than you can be with anyone else, maybe even more comfortable than you are with your friends, because your partner isn’t judging you or giving you looks when you eat with them, they’re just enjoying their food as much as you are, as much as they’re enjoying your company while eating.

2. You communicate on a stronger level

Couples who eat together have a stronger level of communication because they’re completely present on the table. They’re not involved in their phones or watching TV while eating, they’re sitting with each other and having a meaningful conversation with each other while enjoying their food. When I go out with my girlfriend, the conversations get so long sometimes that we forget the time and usually have to rush out because we always lose track of time, the conversations are just that interesting.

I’ve seen couples sitting next to us, silently eating away and staring into their phones while doing so, that’s honestly the saddest sight to see in today’s world. My meals with her are always pretty adventurous and fun, along with having some of the most interesting conversations involved.

3. You’re not a boring couple

Couples who eat together are also the adventurous sort. They’re always willing to try new restaurants and also step out of their comfort zones for food and try new things to see if they like them. Such couples also mutually decide on a place to go to, rather than the normal couples I’ve seen who usually have one or two favourite places where they go ALL THE TIME for their dates. I mean, come on, live it up a little, make each other a part of these decisions. I’ve heard a lot of my guy friends complain about how their girlfriends never get involved in deciding the place to go to, they just go with whatever their guys decide, now that’s pretty boring and also becomes very monotonous after a while.

4. You know how to share

Couples who eat together are also amazing at sharing. Whenever I go out with my girlfriend, we always share each other’s food to try out what the other person is having, so we are always very friendly with each other when it comes to sharing (well, almost always). We also order a lot of different items from the menu individually, because we know we can easily share from one another’s plate.

5. Agreeing on a restaurant isn’t a task

When it comes to going out for a fancy meal, a lot of couples can’t really agree on one restaurant without having a discussion about it. Foodie couples always have one restaurant decided before they go out, because one of the two partners usually gets to pick a place before and then it’s the other partner’s turn, so it’s never a difficult task for foodie couples. And trust me, if a couple can agree on a restaurant easily, they can literally agree on anything.

6. You get healthy together

Foodie couples are amazingly good when it comes to keeping one specific healthy diet. I just recently started working out and my diet has become so much easier because of my girlfriend. We both eat the same diet foods together, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much and she gets to eat healthy because of me. We do have our cheat days, however, when we go binge on all of the tantalising things we’ve missed out on, but we stay healthy in the end, we stay healthy together.

7. You represent a very strong relationship

Whenever I go out on a double date with my girlfriend, the other couple usually asks us how we do it. My girlfriend and I are always so involved in each other’s conversation that we start making the other couple think that they don’t really communicate as much as we do, so they start asking us for tips to make their dinners and lunches better. We have a strong rule when it comes to food, our phones are on silent. We don’t start texting in the middle of our meals, we just pay attention to what the other person has to say and we end up having the best conversations.

8. You learn a lot of things about each other

Foodie couples know more about each other because of the comfort level they share. I still remember this like it was yesterday; when I first went out with my girlfriend, there was a lot of silence at the table, we were trying to have a conversation while not looking too weird while eating. But now, it works like clockwork. We aren’t ashamed of eating like ourselves, like we would in the comfort of our homes, because we know there’s no one judging us and we are safe with each other. I’ve learned so many things about my girlfriend’s habits once we developed that level of comfort with each other. I also know each and every kind of food she loves and I also know what she hates, it makes things a lot easier when we are ordering for each other. It’s also very cute when your significant other knows what you’re having.

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Are you a foodie couple? What habits do you share that bring you closer? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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