10 things Your guy does to make you feel like you are in a Real Life fairytale!

So, let’s say you were stuck in the rain, drenched from head to toe and then a guy just appears poof! And offers to share his umbrella (and the jacket, let’s not forget the jacket) and suddenly you start seeing the knight-in-shining armor in him? Or maybe it’s simply the guy that sits at the back of your chemistry class and offers you a smile every time you see him?

Let’s admit it; we’re a sucker for the Augustus Waters type of boys. So, maybe while we spend our whole time looking for the balcony-visiting streak in our significant others, we miss out on the real signs. Now, we’ve all had terrible experiences and maybe that’s why we sometimes refuse to see our soul mates for who they are.

What signs should we look for? What are the signs of true love, you say? Is it the sparks when you kiss or the tunnel vision when you see them? Not exactly.

1. The way he says your name.

Ladies, he will absolutely caress your name in his mouth. His tone will audibly change. Maybe, it won’t be obvious to others but it is highly recommended that you pay attention the next time he says your name. It’ll feel like his voice is cradling the sound of your name (mind you, it will resonate in your very soul; don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

2. He will start reading your mind.

That’s right, you’ll start suspecting him of telepathy. It’s widely said that people who bond on a deep level will eventually find their minds (and hearts) in sync. Next thing you know, he’ll be completing your sentences sometimes thoughts, even and you’ll stare in awe at him while he smugly stands there, appreciating how well he knows you (don’t doubt it, he does.)

3. He will frustrate the hell out of you.

Yes, you heard me. Now, who says a happily ever after requires zero fights? He will get possessive and sometimes he’ll act plain insane (but, about you) and you won’t be able to decide whether you should give him a black eye or just plain marry him. P.s I say, marry him.

4. He will put you first.

When it’s love? Girl, a thing called ego does not exist. You will provoke him and sometimes straight-up tell him to fight back but if the situation requires it, he’ll keep his cool. He’ll understand your need to, take it out on him, to him, anything and he’ll refuse to retaliate. Ever heard of a human shield? There you have it, your very own safe haven.

5. He’ll see the Fiona in your Shrek.

You’ll spend 4 hours trying on a billion outfits for him. Getting that make-up right and making sure your heels don’t make you look taller than him (oops!) But, he’ll still tell you you’re absolutely beautiful you are when you’re in your Spongebob Pjs and your make-up doesn’t exist. Wait for that, girls.

6. He’ll never fail to make you laugh

Now see, a lot of you may now think, Not every guy has a sense of humor. But, if he loves you? He’ll go to lengths as to conjure up a circus for you on the spot because he literally cannot bear to see you sad. I mean, he’ll always have his ways. Always have faith in that.

7. He’ll be your best girlfriend.

Look, a boy unable to loosen up and have fun with you is probably not the Mr. Right (no, you are not looking for Mr. Wrong.) He’ll probably shop with you like there’s no tomorrow. Also, to all the boys who loathe shopping? is. P.s look for the one with a streak to make 4am ice cream plans, it’s worth it.

8. He will never let you fall asleep sad.

Yup, he’ll piss you off, he’ll piss you off some more but he will never ever let you sleep in a puddle of your own tears. He’ll be determined to promise you a lifetime of nights spent smiling at the ceiling like a crazy personВ because he makes you feel atop the world. He’ll put his ego down at the end of the day, even when it’s your fault (don’t push it, apologies instead) because he’s just that crazy about you.

9. He’ll follow the famous I don’t like small talk rule.

He’ll want to know you. Like, really know you. The type of familiarity that makes you doubt your sanity (but in a good way.) He’ll want to know from what your favorite color is to what you think about that one weird episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. I mean, like Emily Bronte says, Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

10. He will NEVER make you feel like you’re not good enough.

It’s so unfortunate to see so many boys unconsciously or consciously making their girls feel neglected or insecure. Your true love will never try to make you jealous. And I mean, EVER. He’ll be willing to write it on the sky that he’s got eyes only for you. He’ll never compare you because you are as cheesy as it is his one and only.

Wait for it, ladies. I promise, it’s worth it, May you meet and may you never want to read this article because you’ll just know.

  1. I will say, this man I’ve been recently seeing has the majority of the traits listed here. It every one of course ( don’t know how realistic that would be) … I’m very grateful to have been able to met him and still have him in my life. We communicate so well. His motto, open and honest. And TBH, I’ve never quite met anyone like him. We talk every single day, whether by text or FT before bed and or both. Definitely wasn’t really looking for anyone to come into my life, but sometimes, that’s just what happens when you lest expect it. 🙂

  2. I have met my one and only every trait above us spot on we been married nearly a year and he’s the one 👌❤️

  3. I was like that … however it did not last and I got tired of fighting and arguing each month when she got her period. She hates me, and I miss her.

    1. I had that once….he died 4 years ago. I know one thing, once you know that type of love DOES exist.- you’ll never settle for anything less than that.

  4. I met someone who does all these 10 and made me feel in my fairytale. Sadly we cant be together he was too late. We could have been a couple if only he was brave enough to ask me when we were in Uni. I’m now married and happy.
    I wish he will find his fairytale —someone who will love him and make him happy.

  5. I Have Found THAT Man
    Or..He Found Me!! I’m 62 so didn’t really expect to find ‘ My Person’,
    I HOPE it lasts Forever
    I’m on Cloud 9 and Loving Every Minute of HIM

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