8 Reasons Why The Smartest Women Just Suck At Finding Love

When it comes to finding true love in this life, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would ever say that it was easy. Finding love is going to be very difficult for a huge bulk of us.

We have to meet someone we share some kind of spark and connection with. We become more comfortable with that person and we hope that they feel the same way.

We take a chance on them, and sometimes, those chances don’t always work out to our favor. But there are some other times wherein we actually do get to experience what it really means to share true love with someone else. But that still doesn’t take away from how difficult it is for certain people – particularly, the smart women.

Yes, finding true love is difficult. But it’s so much harder for the smart women of the world. Why is that? Well, the answer isn’t going to be so one-sided.

There are so many facets to it that have to be considered. But a bulk of it lies in the uncompromising and strong personality of the smart woman. They have very strong personalities to the point that they tend to intimidate and scare off a lot of people.

There are also a lot of stereotypes that are attached to strong women who are less than attractive. To a lot of people, they often come off as very overconfident, egocentric, cold, emotionally distant, unforgiving, uncompromising, rigid, tightly-wound, and so much more.

But there is really so much more than meets the eye. There’s so much more that are buried underneath the surface. And any man who actually has the necessary patience to brave through the challenges of winning over a smart woman’s love and affections is going to know just how worthwhile she really is.

If you’re really curious as to why it’s so hard for smart women to actually find success in love and relationships, then this article is for you.

1. She doesn’t settle for anything less than she deserves.

She is going to have some incredibly high standards because she always knows her worth. As a smart woman, she knows that true love is never something that anyone should have to settle for.

She always wants the best of everything – most especially in love. And she isn’t going to want to settle with anyone who doesn’t live up to that.

2. She always stands up for herself.

She can come off as very intimidating because she isn’t the kind of girl who would just sit and roll over whenever told. She is capable of thinking for herself. She calls the shots in her life.

She makes her own decisions. And when she defends herself, it can come across as very intimidating to a lot of insecure guys.

3. She doesn’t really need a relationship to feel complete and happy.

She doesn’t really feel a sense of urgency to get into a relationship. Even though everyone around her is rushing to fall in love, she’s just taking her time.

She knows that she can live a very wonderful and meaningful life on her own without having to romantically attach herself to someone.

4. She isn’t going to want to be any guy’s second option.

She is going to be dismissive of any guy who is only going to play around with her. She has a tendency to demand too much form a lot of men who are just deathly afraid of commitment and serious love.

5. She doesn’t really seek the validation of other people.

She walks to the beat of her own drum. She has a tendency to be too introspective to the point that she doesn’t really care much about how other people see her.

6. She doesn’t play the usual relationship and dating games.

She knows that modern dating is going to have a lot of arbitrary rules that people will have to follow in order to find love. And she isn’t going to want to have anything to do with it. She is the kind of girl who is always known to just play by her own rules.

7. She has probably had her heart broken before.

She is a smart woman because she learns from her mistakes. And he has made some very substantial mistakes in love and relationships in the past. That’s why she’s reluctant to date and fall in love again. She is scared of feeling the same kind of pain that she felt in the past.

8. She has so many other things in life that require her attention.

Sometimes, she’s just going to be caught up with so many other things in life. She is a smart and strong woman who is going to want to achieve lots of things in this life.

And that means that she’s going to be busy a lot. There will be some things other than love which will require her energy and attention.

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