How To Be A Good Girlfriend – 15 Proven Tips

1. Be a great friend to him.

At the base of it all, you need to be his best friend more than his girlfriend. Show him that you have his back and that you can make for a great life companion.

2. Be as open and as honest as possible.

Always show him that what you say is true and genuine. Be open about who you really are and how you really think so that he’s not left with guessing. Be honest with him. Show him your true colors so that he can grow to trust you.

3. Give him his freedom and space when he needs it.

Allow him to still be his own man even when you’re in a relationship together. Know your boundaries as a girlfriend and respect his individuality. Be mindful of his needs.

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4. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with him.

Let yourself be vulnerable with him. Show him that you really trust him enough to put yourself in a position of weakness with him; that you’re willing to put him in a position to hurt you because you trust that he would never do so.

5. Make an effort to be nice to his friends and loved ones.

Show him that you consider the most important people in his life to be important to you as well. Make an effort to integrate yourself into his social circles so that your lives will seamlessly merge with one another’s.

6. Express a genuine concern over his well-being.

Let him know that you really do care about his emotional and physical well-being. Check up on him every once in a while. Ask him if there are any things that you are able to do for him to help make his life a little bit easier. Let him know that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make him happy and healthy.

7. Make him feel like you trust him.

Empower him. Let him know that you really rely on him to make your life easier. Of course, you don’t want to be overly clingy or needy. But you also need to let him know that you trust him with your life; that you can always depend on him to come through for you.

8. Make sure he feels that you pay attention to him.

Whenever you’re talking to one another, really make it a point to listen to him. And don’t just be listening to him without purpose. Really take everything that he tells you to heart. Find ways to connect with him and engage with him on a very personal level. Let him feel like his thoughts and opinions have value.

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9. Be your true and genuine self.

Never make it seem like you’re putting on an act for him. Always show him that you are being your true and genuine self. The moment that you try to act fake, he’s going to be able to see that. He wants you to feel safe and comfortable enough with him to just let your true self shine.

10. Support him as much as possible.

That’s the whole point of relationships, isn’t it? You want someone who is going to be your partner; your real support system. You need to be able to show him that you’re there for him to help him fight his demons and to follow his dreams.

11. Let him know that you see him as an equal.

You can’t see him as someone below you; someone you can just boss around and demean whenever you want. But you can’t put him on a pedestal either; where you pressure him into being something more than he’s capable of being.

12. Show him appreciation and gratitude a lot.

Let him know that you don’t take him for granted. Show him that his efforts with you and the relationship don’t go unnoticed. You need to be able to prove to him that you really see his value; that you consider him to be a very important part of your life.

13. Be willing to make compromises.

Show him a willingness to make compromises. You need to be able to meet him halfway. That’s the key to coexistence. You aren’t always going to be seeing eye to eye on everything. You are going to have your fair share of disagreements. And it’s important for you to find a way to just compromise for the sake of balance and peace.

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14. Be as affectionate as possible.

Compliment him every now and then. Let him know why you’re so attracted to him. Tell him that you’re proud of him whenever he accomplishes something. Kiss him. Hug him. Be intimate with him. Let him know that you have so much love for him.

15. Allow him to take care of you.

Yes, you are a strong and independent woman. You are fully capable of making it on your own in this world. You have what it takes to take care of yourself. But you should still allow your man to take care of you as well. It gives him a sense of purpose and validation.

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