These 5 Amazing Women Don’t Hide Their Grey Hairs And Still Look Amazing

These days, there is always a tendency to brand people with grey hairs as those who are wise and experienced in life. That’s just part of the branding that is associated with people who are more aged than others. However, there is also no denying the fact that a lot of women will resort to hair dyes and other techniques to try to hide their old age.

There are so many people, women in particular, who are shamed for aging in a natural and organic manner. And that’s why they feel compelled to resort to unnatural methods such as hair-dying to try to look younger. That also happens to serve as good news to the hair dye industry.

It’s practically common practice for a lot of women who are even just under the age of 60 to dye their hair at the first signs of greying. It’s almost as if they’re expected to always maintain the natural hair color of their youth even as they grow older.

However, a dramatic shift is taking place as well. The movement towards body acceptance is gaining rapid speed and more and more women are actually embracing the many physical changes that are associated with aging. More women are now more confident to actually sport their naturally greying hair out in public.

One of the women who is spearheading this movement is Martha Truslow Smith. She says that enough is enough and it’s time for women to empower themselves to let their true selves shine. She is the founder of grombre, an Instagram page which is amassing a massive following. Grombre seeks to serve as a platform for women to embrace who they really are

Of course, popular media is always a big help as well when it comes to social movements like these. Lady Gaga has helped further boost the acceptance and even appeal of silver and platinum hair. A lot of people are now coveting the grey look instead of actively trying to avoid it for themselves.

This article is going to highlight the stories of some very strong and pioneering women who have ditched the hair dyes and have gone au naturel. They are amazing women who have embraced their natural greying hair and they look absolutely stunning.

Their stores have come to inspire so many other women all around the world to stop hiding who they really are and just showcase their grey hairs to the rest of society. In Martha’s wise words, “Don’t fret over others opinions, instead, follow your calling, and you’ll surprise yourself with how strong you are and where your path will lead you.”

“Deciding to let my white hair grow it was a moment of acceptance of who I am. My hair color does not define my youth! I feel young, healthy, & beautiful. Having white natural hair is empowering! Love not being controlled by societal standards of beauty but my own. I have never colored my hair. I love not being a slave to dying it. Not to mention it is massively better for my natural curls”

“I was 12 years old when the boy I had a crush on pointed out my first grey hair. He meant no harm, but I was mortified. Since then there were years of plucked hair and boxed dye. It has now been 4 years of growing out the roots and fully embracing the grey. 26 years old and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“My name is Lhin. I am 37 years old from Thailand. I have had gray hair since I was in high school. It keeps changing the color more through the years. I had to dye my hair almost every month. Four years ago, I decided to let my gray hair grow out and embrace my natural color.

Despite some mean comments from neighbors, I didn’t care and went on with my daily life. Nowadays, I am asked by people all the time, ‘where did I get my hair done?’ They love it and want to have this color too. I love my hair and I feel blessed that I embrace it and let this color become me.

I am happy to see this grumble ladies out there. Thank you for raising awareness of people around the world. I want to shoutout for someone who is struggling with a similar story like me; keep being yourself and embrace it. Because you are absolutely beautiful in your own way!”

“I’ve been greying since the age of 13 and I’ve never dyed my hair. Furthermore, I’ve been growing it since 12 and I have entirely forfeited cutting it five years ago. I’m profoundly happy with the way it looks. The color and length combined are one of my favorite attributes.

Never have I ever felt like it made me look older! Instead, it gets me the sweetest and most magical compliments, some of which I’m sure you’re familiar with: looking avant-garde, otherworldly or like a fairy, an elf, or Frozen-Anna.

My current life on an organic farm somehow resonates with my natural hair, and for me, it’s another way for my femininity to shine through. I hope to inspire as many as possible, to be brave enough to embrace and show who and what they truly are on the inside.”

“Born with grey and black hair. First female in 7 generations! I was teased incessantly because kids are jerks so I started dying it when I was 14. When I had my first son at 29 I noticed the gray become white in the front so I began to just leave a streak out and dye from the streak back like Rogue from X-Men.

About a year and a half ago my stylist told me that all my gray was now white so we went for it. I feel like I found hardwood under the carpet! I’ll never go back.”

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