8 Reasons You Need To Be Cautious Of Falling In Love With Someone Too Quickly

Don’t fall too quickly.

It’s a really exhilarating feeling whenever you manage to find a person with whom you really have a connection. You get excited and you start to dream about all of the possibilities. You start to envision what your relationship with that person is going to be like and you just can’t wait to get things started. But you have to be very careful. Just because things feel so easy and right at first doesn’t mean that you should be diving in too quickly. You still want to take your time with love because there are many dangers that come with falling in love too quickly. Here are a few reasons that you need to be cautious whenever you’re falling in love with someone a little too hastily.

1. You blind yourself to the bad parts of that person’s character.

If you’re just head over heels over a person, there is a tendency for you to overlook that person’s bad spots and then you end up getting blindsided by them as you get deeper into the relationship. Before you really fall in love with someone, make sure that you really get to know who that person is everything about that person, including the good and bad parts.

2. You might rush through or skip important relationship milestones.

Just because you’ve had a few really amazing weeks of dating in an early relationship doesn’t mean that you’re actually ready to move in together. You still have to take your time and you can’t afford to rush through the important milestones of your relationship. You don’t want to miss the important stuff like the first kiss, the first fight, and so on.

3. You risk committing to something that you aren’t really all too familiar with.

You would never invest in a startup company that you didn’t do any research on, right? It should be the same with human beings as well. You can’t afford to be investing yourself in a relationship with someone you don’t know too well. You don’t want to commit to someone before you can really get a good gauge of what that person is like.

4. You are to attracted to the fairytale aspect of the relationship.

It can be tempting to live your love life like they do in the fairytales. These fictional characters get their happy endings after all. But you have to consider that these fairytale narratives and storylines rarely ever work out in real life. In reality, there are just too many complications that come with falling in love and so you can’t rush into falling in love without being fully aware of the difficulties that come with it.

5. You might lose yourself too quickly for nothing.

Whenever you fall in love with someone deeply and you get into a relationship together, there’s no denying that you have to give up a huge chunk of your sense of self an individuality. You have to be able to make space in your life for your partner and your relationship. But if you do that too early on with someone even though you’re not sure that things are going to really work out in the end, then you risk loving huge chunks of yourself over nothing important.

6. You haven’t really gotten to see all sides of your partner.

You need to be able to see all sides of your partner. You can’t just be content with how they treat you when you’re alone. You have to see how your partner acts whenever you’re in a group setting. You have to see how your partner treats family and strangers. You have to see how your partner acts when drunk, angry, scared, sad, or confused. These things take time before they really reveal themselves to you.

7. You might be confusing love for lust.

A lot of times, people who are overeager can confuse love for lust and mere physical attraction. Whenever they think they are falling in love at first sight, it’s really just a lust for that person’s physical attributes. And while physical attraction is vita in building an emotional connection with another person, it’s not something that you can really build a solid relationship on.

8. The best things in life always take time.

Remember that all things in life worth having never come fast or easy including love. You really have to fight to earn the love that you deserve. It’s not something that you can simply just decide to have. It’s not something that’s going to be handed to you on a silver platter. Love is always something that you have to build. And it always takes time to build a love that’s worth having. So take your time in relationships. Don’t rush into falling in love. Because when something feels as good as falling in love, you would want to savor that feeling as much as possible.

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