12 Real Reasons He Never Texted You For A Second Date

“This might answer a few questions.”

Relationships can be very puzzling for a lot of women. Boys are just typically really difficult to figure out. You never know what’s going on in their minds for sure. You could be out on a date with a really nice guy and in your perspective, everything is going incredibly well. However, you find yourself waiting for a phone call that’s never going to come; a call asking you out for a second date.

Why is that the case? You were almost certain that he would ask you out again. You had a chemistry and you knew it was something that could be built upon. You were fairly sure that you would be going out on a second date and yet, you aren’t. What’s the deal?

Don’t stress about it too much. Just know that just because in your head, everything was going swell doesn’t necessarily mean that that was what he was thinking too. There are plenty of possible reasons as to why a guy wouldn’t ask a girl out on a second date, and sometimes the reasons don’t even have anything to do with the girl.

1. You just aren’t his type.

Even if you think that things were going great, it may not have necessarily been the case from his perspective. Maybe you just aren’t the girl he’s looking for and you just have to move on from that fact. There’s not much you can do at this point.

2. He didn’t feel any chemistry.

Chemistry is a tricky thing. While to you, it may have felt like the both of you hit things off really well, he may not have felt the same. Chemistry is important in any relationship, and it takes both sides to really establish an emotional connection with one another.

3. He felt like you were too different people.

Opposites attract sometimes, yes. But it’s not always the case. Maybe he felt like the two of you had too many differences between yourselves for a relationship to work. Maybe he knew that you had two completely opposite outlooks on life. – Continue reading on the next page

4. He isn’t really looking for anything serious.

He may have just been dating you to test the waters. Perhaps he was doing it as a result of a dare. Maybe it was an impulsive decision to just go out with you. In any case, you have to consider the possibility that he just wasn’t looking for anything serious with anyone.

5. You may have come off too strong to him.

Perhaps you were a little too forward for his taste. Maybe you pressured him a little too much with your emotional advancements and as a result, you scared him off. Some men are frightened by women who are romantically aggressive.

6. He had just gotten out of a bad relationship and the thought of dating again frightened him.

Maybe he treated this as a rebound date after a really bad breakup. Maybe he decided that he isn’t ready to start dating again after all. You have to be sensitive of other peoples’ histories even when they choose not to disclose it to you. Perhaps he was really hurting inside and that’s why he didn’t text you for a second date.

7. He may have other dating options that don’t include you.

Maybe you were just another fish in the sea to him. You have to know that it was possible he wasn’t exclusively dating you right away. It was the first date and you can’t blame him. Maybe he was dating other girls too and he chose a path that just didn’t include you.

8. He may be dealing with personal issues that concern his family or career.

He may be dealing with some problems that you don’t know about and maybe he really doesn’t have the time to be dating you. Be considerate of that possibility also. Maybe there are things at home or at the office that require his full attention and that’s why he hasn’t texted you for a second date. – Continue reading on the next page

9. There was something that you did that really turned him off.

Maybe you talked about politics he doesn’t agree with. Maybe you had bad body language. Maybe you used language that made him uncomfortable. You never really know how you come across to people unless they’re honest about it.

10. He found you boring.

It’s as simple as that. Maybe you weren’t fun to be with at all and so he doesn’t want to waste his time with a second date where he’ll just be bored once more.

11. You may have played it cool and led him to believe that you weren’t interested.

You may have downplayed your interest a little too much. Perhaps he is under the impression that you would reject his plea for a second date and so he never bothered to ask you out anymore.

12. You had your eyes on your phone a lot during the date.

A big no-no during dates, especially first dates, is having your eyes glued to your phone a lot of the time. Give them man the respect and attention he really deserves. If not, it’s no wonder you’re not getting a text for a second date.

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