8 signs you’re in a cherished relationship

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part.

The word ˜cherish’ is defined as to hold or to treat as dear, to feel love for and to care for someone deeply and tenderly. When you cherish someone, you let them know every day that you care for them and are glad to have them in your life, you make them feel on top of the world, you do things for them to make them feel good, you make every effort to meet their needs, you are kind and thoughtful and do not take your better half for granted, you show appreciation for them and respect and admire them for what and who they are.

But how many of us truly cherish our relationship? Here are some signs to tell if you are in a relationship that is cherished.

1. You trust each other

One of the most obvious signs that you are in a cherished relationship is that you two trust each other. Being so means you are in a healthy relationship, but this doesn’t happen overnight. You have to make things work and build trust in each other and make sure it isn’t broken. And the fact that you do not like anything or anyone get into the way of your relationship, means that you share a special bond.

2. You give each other personal space

It is good that you and your significant other spend time together, but sometimes, in order to grow, one needs some time alone as well. You do not have to always be together, and some time off is necessary so that you do not feel suffocated in your relationship. If you two give each other space, it means you’re on the right path.

3. Not threatened by your success

When you’re in a relationship, you should always be happy for your SO’s success and be encouraging them to reach their goals and let them know that you are truly proud of them, be their support. You two should not feel threatened by one another’s success because it is not a competition. Be there for them and show them that you are happy with their accomplishments and encourage them to reach their true potential.

4. You are comfortable

When you are in a cherished relationship, you do not feel the need to put up a façade. You feel completely at ease with your SO and they make you feel secure about yourself. They make you feel as if you are perfect just the way you are, and that your flaws and imperfections are the things that make them love you more. If your SO does not insult you, or make you feel insignificant or criticise you all the time, but instead appreciate you for who you are, then you are truly cherished.

5. You are up to date with their life

When you are in a cherished relationship, your better half knows what is going on in your life. They know what your schedule is, know what’s going in your life and make an effort to know, they talk to you about everything and know of whatever is bugging you, what your insecurities are, what you like, dislike, hate, love, etc.; they know you inside out. Communication is the best way to know a person, and if you two communicate, then you know your relationship is cherished.

6. You spend time together

Spending time together is necessary for every relationship. Most couples grow apart due to lack of time spent together, they get busy in their own lives and let all sorts of things come in between them which results in fights and them growing distant. So no matter how busy you are, or how hard life gets, remember to make time out to spend with your loved one.

7. You are thankful and grateful

Remember to say, ‘I love you’ to your SO, but most of all, mean it. If your partner shows affection towards you and make you feel that they do not take you for granted, then remember to give a warm hug because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it shows them that you appreciate them just as much.

8. They message you everyday

Receiving ˜good morning’ messages from your SO makes your day; this makes you feel that you were the first thing they thought about when they woke up. This uplifts your mood and makes you happy. This includes not just the morning messages, but random messages of ˜I love you’ during the day, or jokes, or sweet something’s on sticky notes written and hidden in random places; these all mean that you are cherished. Realise how lucky you really are.

If your relationship isn’t on the right track, then maybe there are a few things you should change in order to repair it. Just think of your relationship like a plant that needs water, sun and care to blossom.

So make every moment count and kiss and hug and love like it’s your last day because life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Do not take your relationship for granted; nurture it, do everything you can to make your relationship flourish.

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