8 Signs You’re Over Being A Player, Even If You Haven’t Realized It

Here are a few signs that you are actually letting go of your player personality

It isn’t true that girls have a monopoly on believing in fairytales. Men also believe in fairytales, but their fairytales are very much different from what the girls believe. Young, naive, and immature men tend to have fairytales of perpetual bachelorhood. They see themselves as sexual savants who have to conquer all the women who happen to tickle their fancy. A lot of guys will milk this bachelorhood phase for as long as they can. They will refuse to tie themselves down to a single woman because they think that polygamy is the only proper way to live life.

However, there comes a point in every man’s life wherein he actually grows up and his priorities starts to change. Sometimes, some men happen to meet a girl who single-handedly turns their world around. Just like that, they go from wanting to be free-spirited sexual predators to being domesticated family men. Some men will try to put off this evolution for as long as they can, but it eventually comes to all men who are willing to let themselves mature.

Here are a few signs that you are actually letting go of your player personality; that you are emerging into the world of real domesticated manhood.

1. You spend too much time every morning drafting that perfect good morning text message to different girls.

You spend a good deal of time every morning just texting your different girls and letting them know that you haven’t forgotten about them. It’s too much work for a man to do even before he steps into the shower. You have got to be sick of doing this routine every single morning right? You should be able to spend your mornings in peace to gather yourself and prepare for the busy day ahead. You can’t be worrying about texting all your women first thing in the morning every single day.

2. You’re so tired of hiding your girls from one another.

It gives you a mini-heart attack every time you find out that your girls are attending the same party that you’re going to. How will you manage to juggle spending time with each of them without letting them discover that you’re playing all of them? That’s just too much stress for any man to handle, and you should do yourself a favor and walk away from that player life.

3. You’re sick of always sending the wrong text to the wrong woman.

It’s the same routine that happens to you over and over again. You send the wrong text message to the wrong woman and you find yourself having to explain why that happens. A lot of times, you can get away with it. But then again, a lot of women can also see right through your lies. It’s certainly quite the hassle to always double-check who you’re sending a message to. Can’t you just text in peace without having to think twice about who you’re actually texting? Yes, you can. All it takes is for you to just give up being a player.

4. You have too many relationships; more than you can actually handle.

You have no more time for yourself or your hobbies. All of your time is spent trying to juggle around the many girls you have at your feet. Not to mention all the time and effort you exert into not having them run into each other. Why do you do this to yourself? Monogamy would give you so much more time to do other things. You can start focusing on your passions and your career instead of just your women.

5. Your piggy bank is running out.

Relationships are expensive. If anyone tells you that relationships won’t cost you much money, then that person is lying. You are always forced to spend much more than you expect when you’re in a relationship. So imagine the amount of money you are actually forcing yourself to shell out trying maintain multiple relationships. Your bank account is practically in tears. Quit this madness and just stick to one girl.

6. You are getting sick of the drama.

There will always be drama involved when it comes to relationships. However, you should note that the drama is multiplied whenever there are multiple relationships. Your girls will not like the fact that they are only one among many. And you can expect that they will unleash hell upon you if they ever find out that you’re just playing them. That is the kind of drama that you don’t want in your life. So why risk it?

7. You can’t even keep track of the girls in your life anymore.

There’s no point in putting up with multiple relationships if you can’t keep up with them anymore. There’s no point in a relationship at all if you don’t value the girl that you’re with. It’s time for you to grow up and just settle in with one lucky lady.

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