8 Social Media Habits That Are Bad Signs For A Relationship

These social media habits are bad.

Social media has definitely changed the communication game and there’s just no denying it at this point. Social media has dramatically altered the way people go about their relationships because of social media. With all of these new technological platforms that allow people to communicate with one another instantly regardless of where they are in the world, relationships have just become so much easier but at the same time, so much more complicated. Like many other things in life, social media usage can be a double-edged sword. It can strengthen a relationship but it could also potentially break one.

You can tell a lot about how a person feels about you and how strong your relationship really is depending on social media habits and behavior. In fact, you can really tell a whole lot about your partner by just taking a look at their social media posts and profiles. But the trick is in knowing the things that you need to be looking for. Here are some bad habits that your partner may be exhibiting on social media which may be a sign that things aren’t really good in your relationship.

1. Your partner has an It’s Complicated relationship status.

Uh oh. Your partner has been telling you that you’re official and that you’re both in a committed relationship with one another. But why is it that their social media profiles don’t necessarily convey the same message? Why are they telling you one thing and telling the rest of the world something else? That’s definitely something that you need to worry about.

2. Your partner is constantly caught in pictures cozying up to friends of the opposite sex.

Not to say that your partner shouldn’t be having friends of the opposite sex. In any healthy relationship, you should always be able to trust and respect your partner enough to allow them to live their own life outside of your relationship. That can mean that they have some friends of the opposite sex as well. But if there’s something suspicious about a few of these friends, then you might need to act.

3. Your partner engages in passive-aggressive feuds with Tweets and Facebook posts.

Fighting on social media is plain pointless and immature at this point. A lot of people who engage in senseless debates and feuds on social media are those who frankly have nothing better to do with their time. It’s even worse if you find out that your partner posts those passive-aggressive statuses or tweets that are taking legitimate aim at a particular person.

4. Your partner uses social media as a tool to brag about how woke they are.

Social awareness is something that is always good and it must be promoted especially in this day and age. However, that doesn’t mean that you should constantly be bragging to the world about just how socially aware and involved you are. You have to be a good social citizen just for the sake of it; not because you want to post about it on your social media platform

5. Your partner only ever messages you when they’re asking for nudes.

Another bad social media habit is the act of asking for nudes. Yes, using social media as a means to get intimate with one another is always a great way of mixing things up in the passion department. But there’s something inherently wrong when social media usage is made to be exclusive just for sexual forms of communication.

6. You never find yourself on your partner’s social media profiles and pages.

If your partner doesn’t post about you on social media, are you really even together? Let’s face it. A lot of us share the most important things in our lives on social media these days. Not to say that your partner should be plastering your face on their profiles constantly. But it’s going to be highly suspicious if you don’t even see so much as a single picture of yourself on their profiles.

7. Your partner has a habit of ranting about personal problems on social media.

For one, we all hate that person who is constantly advertising their personal problems on social media. We all have our individual problems and we all must deal with them on our own. And second, you can never trust someone who broadcasts their problems on social media. You never know if your relationship problems might end up becoming a subject for a Facebook post.

8. Your partner is on social media 24/7.

Never trust a person who is on social media every waking hour of their life (unless of course it’s tied to their job or career). If your partner is constantly on social media for leisure purposes, it might be because they don’t have anything else going on for them in their lives.

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