Here’s What You Are Addicted To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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This is so accurate it’s scary!

Do you find yourself picking up habits more so than others? Like reading, smoking or drinking too much coffee? As much as want to keep life balanced, addictions get the better of us all. People have different addictions, which vary based on their Zodiac signs.

The addictions generally associated with the signs are as follows:

Aries: Coffee/Tea

Being among the most active people who are always up and about, Aries tend to be significant coffee addicts. They need the high to keep them up and active 24/7. So expect your Aries to empty some cups of coffee at home and work.

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It keeps them alive. As soon as laziness starts to overtake an Aries, they will head to the kitchen and make themselves a cup of coffee or tea.

Taurus: Food

Taurian are big foodies, with an appetite the size of an elephant. They know very well how to enjoy food; they do so both in company and by themselves. For instance, you are on a date with a person who seems more interested in food than talking to you, he/she is surely a Taurian.

They attach their feelings and moods etc to food. You will find a Taurian binge eating on both sorts of occasions celebrations as well as breakups.

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Gemini: Cigarettes

Geminis love smoke breaks during work in when in public, they tend to distance themselves sometimes to light a cigarette. For example, a colleague who never misses smoke breaks and always looks forward to them is probably a Gemini.

They also associate smoking as an icebreaker, because they love talking in an effort to get rid of their troubles in smoke. And after all, as much as Geminis love talking and socializing, they also enjoy their me-time and having a smoke or two in it.

Cancer: Painkillers

Being a water sign and hence absorbing things and feelings around them deeply, Cancerians are highly sensitive. That is why they always look for something to numb the pain to a dull roar. Whether it is a shoulder to cry on or easy medicine, you might notice that a Cancerian always carries painkillers with them.

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Leo: Shopping

Leos are known to have a high ego; they love treating themselves well. That mostly includes going out to have some fun time, buying themselves nice things and so forth. Since Leo tends to bend towards narcissism, they like owning things that make them look better than others.

Leos, therefore, will go overboard with shopping and will spend every penny, if no one intervenes. So, since they love pampering and spending on themselves, shopping till they drop is their major addiction.

Virgo: Toxic relationships

Virgos have the biggest hearts and they are often the getting-less-than-I-give kind of people. They easily fall prey to toxic relationships that destroy them emotionally. They go out of their way to love, care for and help a person.

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Yet they forget the same feelings are not always reciprocated. Even when things get worse, Virgos hold on and never let go. They would let the other person hurt them, but would never retaliatewhich is to say they will rather stay with you and let you hurt them than say goodbye and move on.

Libra: Social media

Since Libras are the biggest social butterflies, social media is their biggest addiction. They are the ones who you’ll see changing DPs most often, looking at their phones innumerable times, caring about how many ˜likes’ they’ve got and so forth They can’t stay without internet it’s their best friend, in a way. Besides, keeping themselves in the loop matters a lot to them.

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Scorpio:  Intimacy

Scorpios are known for their intense, feisty nature. That goes for intimacy too. Nobody can compete with their sexual dexterity. They take their sexual performance very seriously. Being as invested in intimacy, this addiction can sometimes turn into a vice.

Sagittarius:  Adventure

Sagittarians are well-known for their adventurous nature. They are known for their wanderlust. You’ll find Sagittarians with their bucket list of places to visit and things to see. They’re always up for spontaneous plans and long road trips.

Capricorn: Work

Work is the most important factor for a Capricorn. They’re totally against wasting their time on trivial things, so working hard and achieving their goals matters most to them. They’re natural hard workers. For them, work defines their personality and their very existence. They get addicted to work so easily that they forget about themselves, people and the world around.

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Aquarius: Video Games/Books

Aquarians have a breezy way of passing by through life, so they love getting lost in their fantasies. Therefore, expect to see them getting lost in a video game or a book where they forget who they are and adorn someone else’s identity upon their own. You might think reading isn’t a vice, but too much of anything’s bad. It’s hard to bring Aquarians back into the real world once they get engrossed in such fantasies.

Pisces:  Romance

Having an overly sensitive heart that bruises easy, Pisceans are addicted to being romantics. They’re very sensitive and will do anything and everything to make their feelings heard and felt.

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