9 Red Flags That Your Partner Is Likely To Be Unfaithful To You

There is no way for sure that you can be certain about whether your partner is going to cheat on you or not. However, there are a few red flags out there that you can try to pick up on so that you can get a better idea of whether your partner is likely to cheat on you or not.

You never want to assume that your man is just going to cheat on you. You always want to be thinking about the best of the people that you date. However, you still want to keep yourself guarded. You want to be able to brace yourself for it if you know that it’s going to be a likelihood. That way, you will be able to handle it better if it ever does happen to you.

1. He has actually cheated in the past.

If he has a history of cheating, then you definitely know that that’s a bad sign. Not to say that people can’t ever learn from their mistakes. It’s just not really reassuring to know that you’re with someone who has cheated in the past.

2. He is deeply introverted.

You might think that being with an introvert means that you’re going to be with someone who is quiet and who likes to stay home all of the time. However, studies have shown that most cheaters actually have very introverted personalities. It’s usually because introverted are battling deep insecurities that will make them susceptible to being tempted.

3. He has a tendency to give up on things easily.

He is the kind of guy who just typically gives up on things easily. You notice that he keeps on bouncing from one job to another because he doesn’t really try to see anything through. Whenever you give him a task or a chore to accomplish, he doesn’t really try to do it well. It’s probably the same with your relationship. When things get tough, it’s likely that he’s going to bail and look for someone easier to be with.