9 Signs That You’ve Found The One You’re Meant To Be With

Sometimes, you’re just going to need a reminder that you’ve really found the one. When you first get into a relationship, it’s always going to feel like everything is so perfect and that there aren’t going to be any problems between the two of you. This is often referred to as the honeymoon stage of a relationship. But as time goes by, things can get really complicated. And that’s when the true character of a relationship really shows itself.

Even the best and strongest relationships are not going to be without their fair share of hitches and setbacks. You’re just going to have to make sure that you and a partner have a bond that is strong enough to withstand the various challenges that your relationship is going to have to face along the way.

As they say, all relationships are going to be a struggle. You just have to make sure that you are with someone who is worth struggling for. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up wasting your time. But how do you know that you’re actually with the person that you’re meant to be with forever?

Well, it isn’t always going to be so cut and dry. But this article is going to give you a fairly good idea of whether you are with someone who you could potentially spend the rest of your life with or not. Here are a few signs that you have indeed found the one that you’re meant to be with:

1. They do whatever they can to help you in life.

They always go out of their way to make your life as easy and as comfortable as possible. They consistently reach out to you to ensure that you have everything that you need and that you feel fulfilled.

2. They always stay honest with you about everything.

They would never lie you or deceive you. They would never say anything that they don’t believe to be true. They understand that in any kind of intimate romantic relationship, honesty is always going to be of the utmost importance. They want to be able to build a strong sense of trust and reliability in the relationship.

3. They don’t hold back when it comes to love and affection.

They always make you feel like you are loved. They would never try to withhold the feelings of affection and endearment that they have towards you. They would never want to play games with you. They will always wear their hearts on their sleeve. They never want you to doubt the love that they have for you.

  1. Lately, I have not been the best husband to my wife. It seems like the trust and that bond we had has been broken, and it is all my fault. When I got news of our reassignment, I held back out of fear and our marriage nearly ended when she found out. Then came the gift card scam in which I allowed myself to be a victim. And buying a money pit of a house was the icing on the cake. Now my wife does not trust me with money anymore…she doesn’t trust me with anything, period. I just need advice on how to rebuild the trust and the bond we once had as right now, it feels like we are house mates with kids.

    1. You need to rebuild the trust, but you also must communicate clearly with her about what you need. And if that trust, which we do need as men (we need to be respected and appreciated), you need to tell her that’s what you need. You’ll need to own your mistakes and maybe work on including her in decisions more until the trust is rebuilt.

  2. They have the maturity to walk away when angry, then come back and calmly discuss the problems to work out a solution.

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