9 Things You Have To Commit To If You Want To Be Happy In Your Relationship

You have to commit to showing your gratitude.

It’s practically a given for new couples to go into their relationships with the best of hopes and the most noble intentions. They always want to go into a relationship expecting a life full of happiness and fulfillment in love with their significant over. Well, most normal people would want to do so anyway. The whole point of getting into a relationship with another person is to pursue happiness in your companionship; you want to be able to build a life for yourselves that you could actually be proud of.

However, what most people realize is that happiness doesn’t necessarily come so easily. It’s not something that you are entitled to just because you want it for yourself. There are things that you have to be willing to commit yourself to if you really want to find happiness in your relationship. You will never find meaning and fulfillment in a relationship that you don’t work for. You are always going to have to invest a lot of your time, effort, and commitment into making things work out for the both of you.

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And while some might think love becomes less romanticized because of the necessity of hard work, it shouldn’t be the case. Love should be even more idealized because of the amount of work and commitment that has to go into it. Remember that the best things in life never come easy love included. You’re not going to get your happy ending unless you’re actually willing to go after it yourself.

Real life is going to demand so much for you and it’s going to be a little overwhelming at times, but that’s okay. You should choose to see it as an opportunity for you to actually take control of your life and pursue the things that are dearest and nearest to your heart. You can actually own up to the happiness and the fulfilment that you will manage to attain in this world and that’s great. You just need to be able to manage your expectations well and have the right mindset going into your relationship. And lastly, you need to be able to commit; not just to your partner, but to the things that are actually designed to make this relationship work. Here are a few of those things:

1. You have to commit to showing your gratitude.

You must always be willing to show your gratitude for your partner. You can’t ever let an opportunity to let your partner know just how much you appreciate them slip by. A wasted chance to say thanks is bad for a relationship.

2. You have to commit to giving each other respect.

Respect is going to be the foundation on which you will build your relationship on. Remember that the strongest couples are those that always practice and maintain full respect in the dynamics of the relationship.

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3. You have to commit to having one another’s back.

You are a team. When you abandon your lives as single people and merge into a single entity as a couple, you are also forging a strong team. You have to support one another and you always have to push each other to be better.

4. You have to commit to making sure that your needs are being met.

It’s not just about giving all the time. You risk making yourself unhappy in the end. You also have to make sure that your own needs are being communicated and met by your partner as well.

5. You have to commit to having fair arguments and fights.

Never say anything that you might regret in the future. Keep fights fair and issue-based. Be constructive and mature in how you approach conflict with one another. Organize your thoughts properly and say what you need to say respectfully.

6. You have to commit to having fun with one another.

Find ways to have fun with each other. You can do this by sharing hobbies that might ignite your soul. You can also do this by traveling and exploring the world together.

7. You have to commit to living your individual lives.

Just because you are both in a loving relationship now doesn’t mean you have to forget about your individual lives. You still have to take care of yourselves as individuals. You have to build your own career and your own sense of self-identity outside of the relationship if you really want to be happy. Don’t let the relationship hold you back from pursuing the things you want.

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8. You have to commit to keeping things interesting.

Keep things interesting in the relationship by not being afraid to try new things together. Mix it up in the bedroom. Go on a trip abroad. Do something that scares the both of you so as long as you do it together.

9. You have to commit to the things that make you happy.

And lastly, you just have to be able to find out what makes you happy in life and you have to pursue these things relentlessly. You have to fight for your happiness as much as you want.

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