Amber Heard filed a new appeal after losing the Johnny Depp defamation case, hoping to overturn the jury’s verdict

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Amber Heard has apparently filed a second appeal in response to Johnny Depp’s defamation suit against her.

During the summer, the former couple faced a bitter trial that ended with the jury finding Heard was liable for defaming the actor in a Washington Post op-ed from 2018.

Heard wrote about her experience as a survivor of domestic abuse in the article, and while the Pirates of the Caribbean star was not mentioned, his lawyers argued it falsely accused him of abuse.

He was awarded $15m (£13m) in total, consisting of $10m (£8.3m) in compensatory damages and $5m (£4m) in punitive damages.

Meanwhile, Depp appealed the hearing’s compensation award for $2m (£1.7m), describing it as ‘erroneous.’

As of now, Heard’s attorneys have reportedly filed a new appeal seeking to reverse the jury’s decision by dismissing Depp’s claim or reopening the case.

According to the New York Times, lawyers filed a 68-page appeal, arguing that the trial took place in the wrong state and that certain evidence should have been permitted.

A portion of this evidence includes notes from Heard’s therapists, which her lawyers claim include documentation of domestic abuse allegations.

According to Heard’s lawyers, a number of instances in which Heard reported Depp’s abuse to a medical professional were improperly prevented from being considered by the jury.

After Depp’s lawyers filed an appeal brief on Heard’s $200,000 compensatory damages award due to derogatory statements made about her by Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, Depp’s lawyers filed the appeal brief.

Waldman described Heard’s allegations about a 2016 incident as a hoax. It was determined that Depp slandered Heard through Waldman’s words. Nevertheless, in the appeal brief, his lawyers assert that he should not be held liable for Waldman’s comments.

Depp’s team also argued that Heard’s lawyers did not provide proof that their client made the remarks, and Waldman was not present when Depp and Heard interacted before he was hired.

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