Amber Heard now Has “Less than 10 Minutes of Screen Time” in Aquaman Sequel As Petition Reaches More than 4 Million Signatures

This last month, Johnny Depp & Amber Heard have garnered the whole world’s attention through their infamous trial hearings. Throughout the different testimonies given by Johnny Depp, a lot of information came to light that very clearly makes him the victim of domestic abuse during his marriage with Amber Heard.

Throughout this ordeal, Johnny Depp suffered a lot of loss – mainly Disney removing him from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was painful for him because his “Jack Sparrow” character single-handedly one of the biggest reasons for the franchise’s huge success – it’s one of the most iconic and memorable characters in recent cinema.

Unsurprisingly, Johnny Depp’s fans from all over the world were outraged with how he was being treated – a petition was made.

A Petition That Reached The Masses

Jeanne Larson created a massive petition on called “Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2,” It has amassed over 4 million signatures at the time of writing this article. This petition has gone massively viral, with fans of Johnny Depp constantly commenting showing support and love.

Jeanne wrote in the description of the petition:

“As Amber Heard is a known and proven domestic abuser, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment should and must remove Heard from their Aquaman 2 film project. They must not ignore the suffering of Heard’s victims, and must not glamorize a domestic abuser.”

“Men are victims of domestic abuse, just like women. This must be recognized, and action must be taken to prevent a known abuser from being celebrated within the entertainment industry.”

“Do the right thing. Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2.”

A Petition that Reached 4 Million Signatures

On 13th May 2022, this petition received more than 4 million signatures, slowly getting very close to its goal of 4.5 million. Jeanne Larson, the creator of the petition, posted an update thanking everyone for their support. She said:

“With less than 2,000 signatures to go, this petition is likely to reach 4,000,000 soon, if not today. I just wanted to say that you guy guys are great. Thank you for signing.”

“This petition has become so much more than a bunch of people who don’t want to see Amber Heard in Aquaman 2, it’s also support for men who are survivors of domestic abuse.”

“Because of Johnny Depp standing up for himself, male survivors of domestic violence are finding a voice. And thanks to all of you who signed this petition, you’re letting them know that you hear them.”

“You guys rock. Thank you.”

10 Minutes of Screen Time for Ms. Heard’s Character “Mera”

It seems like the petition made an impact. It was reported by Grace Randolph, a movie journalist, that Amber Heard would receive less than 10 minutes of screen time in the next Aquaman movie. While Mira’s character is vital for the movie, it’s apparently not going to get that kind of role or part anymore.

It’s unlikely that the petition will end here since the supporters of the petition want her wholly removed from the movie; it’s still a small win for all of the supporters of Johnny Depp. As this petition slowly reaches its goal of 4.5 million signatures, it’s going to be interesting to see how things play out for Amber Heard.

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  1. Unfortunately it’s her karma. She tried to be a me too person but she lied. The disorder in their relationship was clearly both of them and she tried to make herself the complete victim and she was not.

  2. That she has any at all, should set Johnny up nicely for a discrimination suit, seeings how his roles and his career, were stripped from him, based on this woman’s lies. And now he’s presented truth that she was guilty of her own allegations, and all the powers that be have done, is reduce her screen time? Guess they wanna pay Johnny without using him to bring in the money they are gonna shell out to him…

  3. 10 minutes of screen time is too much! If Depp was disowned by Disney and others because of all this “b.s”. Amber heard should be as well since it’s actually being PROVEN – therefore she should be losing just as much – if not MORE then Depp!

  4. Amber you made your bed lie in it karma is a b*tch. May Jhonny gets every support here to get through everything he have being through…justice for Jhonny Depth🙏 remove Amber from that film asap!!!!

  5. They should remove her completely from this movie! It’s not just men that abuse women, women abuse men too and they are a lot of them out there. Because she is a female she tried to play innocent which a lot of them do, she needs to be punished for it. I’m upset Disney removed Depp from his iconic movie, why punish him when he is the one being abused? It’s not right ! Shame on you Disney

  6. Nooo!!! She should be treated just like Johnny Depp was treated. Not only removing her from Aquaman 2 but to cancel her completely from any type of upcoming films.

  7. I feel like if you can lie and take someone else’s success away from that then karma needs to come full fold and deliver the same outcome if not worse. She doesn’t deserve to be idolized by any young kid. She has no moral compass. No sympathy and no accountability.

  8. My opinion/suggestion:
    Movie is finished. All movie proceeds that are contractually due to her should be directed to any organizations that assist with domestic abuse victims.

  9. She should be out and replaced, if Johnny can be replaced in fantastic beasts and cut out of pirates without being guilty then surly she should lose everything with all the testimony’s against her proving guilt. I for one won’t watch anything with her in it or the films Johnny has been removed from.

    1. When you think of Pirates of the Caribbean the first thing I think of is Johnny Depp. Those movies would not be given a second thought if it weren’t for him.

  10. Amber Turd deserves what she gets… less and less screen time until she disappears..

  11. She doesnt want to work for her money and famous like johnny deep had to do… the first movie of aquaman I didnt know she was in the movie i dont like her in movies.. I am johnny deep fan… he worked for his money and stuff I will not watch pirates movies if he is not playing jack sparrow .. he is Jack sparrow

  12. 10min of screen time is acceptance of her rage. She should be replaced! Cancel culture has canceled many for less the what she’s done. Unacceptable!

  13. But how many minutes did she originally have? Was this a change or the original amount of screen time?

  14. She puts women to shame and is a disgrace to be called a public figure. She is mocking anyone who has ever been a victim of domestic abuse, narcissistic behaviour or mental abuse while in a relationship. Her behaviour has a true narcissist approach; playing the victim, saying she didn’t do anything wrong. You only set up recordings and video evidence if you are trying to instigate something for a reaction. She clearly creates negative situations to make him unable to leave a toxic situation. She cares more about fame than she does anything else. I feel sorry for her child! She should be removed from her care while she gets help.

  15. She doesn’t deserve and time for all of her false accusations on Jonny Depp and what she has done to his career just not fair she’s not a good person!!!!!

  16. I am not out to ruin anyones career just let the courts take care of it that should be punish enough. No sence in causing her to commit suicide if she is banned from her career.

  17. I’ll never watch another movie with her in it ever again – even if she only appears for one minute….



  19. It might make the movie more expensive, but that woman should get no screen time whatsoever!! And she should never be allowed to work again on anything!! He lost his job what looks like permanently, so why should it not be the same for her when she was the reason he lost his livelihood??!! If they want the movie to succeed they need to replace her completely and reshoot all her scenes as her character is an integral part of the plot line. Just cutting her characters scenes to less than 10 mins will be a major blow to the movie!!

  20. She’s a controller and manipulator attempting to get the public’s pity. She married Johnny Depp because she loved him and no matter what they’ve been through she shouldn’t try to destroy his credibility and life by lying as she has. Disney and others who have shut him out on only someone’s word don’t deserve him. Why do most people in this world believe only women can be abused when so many men out there are abused horribly yet don’t speak up fearing no one will believe them? She has ruined her own life, her own credibility and her future by trying to falsely bring down one of the world’s best actor’s and one of the world’s most compassionate and caring human being.

  21. If the character is vital, re shoot the scenes with another actress. I will not watch while she is in the movie, as I’m sure many more will feel the same. I know it will cost a lot of $, but they will make more at box office if she is removed completely

    1. 100% Agree with you.
      Someone should petition to have her scenes replaced with a cgi character instead, that petition would garner a lot of attention.

  22. my opinion it’s no right he lost his carácter and was disowned by Disney. She Needs to be removed completely she is un mental abuser 10 mins is too much she needs to be cancel for any type of upcoming film justice for Johnny please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  23. No ten minutes!!!!
    Get her OUT!! GET HEARD THE TURD 💩OUT!!! 🖕😤👎 Or boycott any and ALL from Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment!!!!!!!!

  24. It’s ok a less than minute scene for amber,BUT,..I hope Mr.jhonny depp restore his character of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN..,as mr.jhonny said it would be proper to say goodbye to his role ..give him a chance,..

    1. It’s not okay at all, that manipulative lying cow deserves no screen time at all, cgi would be better.

  25. She doesn’t deserve to have any fame. Dv is a serious issue and she needs punished for lieing.

  26. Ms Heard did this to herself. The OpEd in the WP was her further trying to abuse her ex husband. He was happy just to walk away.
    I feel like she has an unhealthy desire for attention even if it’s negative. Now the whole world knows that she was in fact the abuser. I say let her work so she can pay Mr Depp the settlement he’s going to win.

  27. She needs “0” time in the movie . Depp suffered tremendously with her calculated callus inhumane LIES . I hope Disney loses fans and plummets in sales for their actions . Truly sad 😢

  28. after these years of lies spread by her i really hope Mr Depp will be able to find a life and be able to be true to his heart. Stay humble johnny! Glad you got to be able to speak! She was a monster!

  29. Amber Heard should not have one second in the next Aquaman movie.It’s not ok to make accusations of false abuse when so many children, woman and men are really being abused. Amber Heard did wrong and should not be rewarded

  30. I hope Amber Heard pays for what she’s done to Johnny Depp not only did she go for his money but she ruined his career and reputation she’s manipulative insensitive and cruel. It’s beyond crazy that a judge would give her a 7 million dollar settlement after only being married to him for a year and a half that money greedy human being if u can even call her that she would bring out the worst of him to get him angry so she can film him and use it against him she was documenting it to hurt his reputation while she was the one that was the instigator ,she wanted to hurt him that’s y she taped him she has giving women a bad name but unfortunately there are also women out there like her I hope that this case teaches society a lesson and these women who believe that they can abuse their partners and they won’t believe them because they are men that’s an injustice and let’s set an example with this case and demonstrate to the world that men are abused too and that these women cannot get away with it ! I’m glad he is fighting for justice and to clear his name because cases like these are happening all over the world and men are scared of sharing because they think they won’t be believed I don’t say there aren’t women abused daily there are and that’s not acceptable but in this case justice has not been fair to Jonny Depp and a hope that he wins his case clears the tarnish image of him she has portrayed just to hurt a man that the only mistake he made was to fall in love with her hopefully with this case it changes the way they portray women as the only victims of domestic violence and make her pay for what she has done justice for what’s right ! Hope Johnny Depp clears his name and gets back what she worked so hard to destroy! Justice for Johnny Depp 🙌🙌🙌
    Let Johnny Depp be the voice of the men out there that are also victims of domestic violence but are to embarrassed to report it or to think that nobody will believe them because they are men this has to change for what’s right!!!!!!
    Domestic violence is not ok whether u are a man or a women nobody has the right to be a victim of domestic violence it’s not ok !!!!!

  31. I’d prefer if she was replaced with a CGI character or taken out completely, no-one wants to have a dv abuser glamorised on the big screen, to me not removing her makes me think that Warner Bros condones her appalling actions against another person and allows that type of behaviour within their industry.
    I refuse to watch Aquaman 2 if she’s still in it, as I don’t support lying, manipulating narcissistic people such as AH.

  32. Any woman that abuses a man should be held as accountable as a man would be for abuse. I have seen police haul men off to jail whilenthe woman was the abuser
    Amanda Heard needs to lose every minute off Aquaman and really should be in jail.

  33. Mira was not even comparable to Captain Jack Sparrow, who was completely removed. I’m sorry but I’m not watching this movie unless Amber Heard is 0 minutes on the screen. I will not support a liar and abuser. This decision is made to show my support/awareness for abused men. She has already been paid for this role, so remove her completely. We are asking this as consumers, listen to us!
    * the movie The Mummy replaced Febbie right after the first film and doing this on the 2nd film with a new Febbie, they made $18.6 million dollars MORE.

  34. Her behaviour and lies have not only been damaging to Johnny Depp’s career, but it is also an insult for real victims who genuinely have suffered domestic violence and abuse. She is using her “influence” and “fame” in all the wrong ways, proving that she is a narcissist and a compulsive liar. She has dug herself a deep hole with all of this and I doubt she will ever manage to make a comeback from it, especially now that she has soiled (no pun intended) her own career by proving what a bad actress she truly is. She will get what she deserves and it won’t be the Millions she was suing Depp for… She’s now the girl who cried wolf, and no one is coming to her rescue this time.

  35. She should be stripped of this job and future acting jobs. There needs to be consequences for her for the abuse she’s done.

  36. Amber Heard’s slander of Johnny Depp in the New York Times caused him massive losses in his career, including the role of Jack Sparrow. Personally, I will miss his character in the Pirates series immensely and I will never go to another one. Disney was wrong to boot Depp out. So, despite the court verdict, Depp has already suffered greatly in the court of public opinion. So, why should Heard not have to suffer any consequences to her career, since it is obvious that she was not exactly an innocent victim. Level the playing field here and take away her role in Aquaman 2. That is only fair!

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