Angry mother reacts to airline employee mocking her daughter’s name

When Traci Redford was 8, she decided what she would name her little girl. A woman from El Paso, Texas, kept her promise when the time came. After her daughter was born, Redford named her Abcde (pronounced Ab-city).

Not everyone appreciated Abcde’s unique name, including a Southwest Airlines employee who checked Traci and Abcde onto a flight. Employee mocked the girl’s name in earshot of the child, then posted Abcde’s boarding pass (and personal info) on social media.

“She asked me, “mom, why is she laughing at my name?” Traci said, retelling this infuriating incident to ABC News. “You know, honey, not everyone is nice, and not everyone will be nice,” Traci replied. “It’s unfortunate.”

But Traci wasn’t going to let this rude employee off the hook for insulting her child. Upon filing a complaint with Southwest Airlines, the incident went viral, forcing the airline to apologize.

“We sincerely apologize to the family,” the airline said. It’s not reflective of the care, respect, and civility we expect from our employees.

“We’ve contacted the Employee involved, and we don’t disclose our personnel actions publicly, but we’re using it as an opportunity to remind all our employees what we expect from them.” But some viewers think Traci set her daughter up by giving her that unusual name.

Watch the clip below. “You named your daughter this,” one viewer commented. Her reputation will be tarnished, and she’ll be teased. This is the first of many times that that will happen, and you can’t just cry for attention every time that happens.”

“The airline employee absolutely should not have done that, but I am angrier at the mom for naming her child that,” another user agreed. “How selfish to hold onto that childish notion instead of considering your daughter’s future.”

Another person suggested she should name herself Abby right away. How about you?

Find out more in the following video:

  1. A parent should always put their child first and foremost in their thoughts. People can be stupid be it either the parent or the employee, in this case. The parent was selfish in using this absurd name and the employee should be reprimanded for being rude to a customer. So glad I was brought up in another time.

  2. You know, I have, in the past, felt like people shouldn’t give their children names like these. However, upon further consideration, I feel like she has the right to give her the name she chooses. Maybe instead of expecting people to do as we would like because we don’t like, or feel comfortable with names unfamiliar to us; we should change our behavior. Even if we can’t stand the name. Even if we think it’s the dumbest name we have ever heard. SO WHAT!!! Maybe we stop and say, that’s her choice. The only reason the child will think her name is not okay, is if we make her feel that way. Why should we accept that she will be ridiculed for her name? Why is this okay? Names and words are just letters people decided to link together. Basically, I’m saying change the script. Stop forcing how we feel on others. Don’t be the one to make fun of it. Don’t allow your children to do it. Don’t allow your students to do it. Don’t allow your friends to do it. Don’t be okay with it! If you hear someone making fun of someone, for any reason, stand up for them!! IT IS BULLYING. Plain and simple.

  3. This woman has the right to name her child anything she wants!! Morals, civility, and sensitivity towards others should be taught at home and in this case it was woefully missed by the employee. My name is common but it is spelled very differently and I love it!! People should just learn to keep their opinions to themselves…..

  4. I named my son Mercator.
    I was worried that he might face ridicule as a result, but it is a historical name.

    What I did not realize is that it was an instant barometer of the people he encounters. There are some who make an issue of it. There are many more who are intrigued and ask the origin. Then there are those that know where the name comes from and wonderful discussions ensue.

    But, it is a matter of perspective. I’m sure the airline employee has a son named “John”. Sounds like a person who would name their kid after an outdoor toilet to me….

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