A woman is devastated after her friends don’t show up to a dinner she planned weeks ago

A woman was devastated that her friend didn’t show up to the Friendsgiving celebration she hosted.

Her boyfriend posted a clip on TikTok with the caption, ‘I’m so sorry for her.’

@kidalloy’s viral video showed the food his girlfriend made and the basement he decorated. They then showed his girlfriend sitting alone at the table, as none of her friends bothered to show up.

@kidalloy😭 I’m so sad for her #friendsgiving #thanksgiving #friends

♬ Sad Emotional Piano – DS Productions

In the clip, the caption read: “My girlfriend was so excited for her first Friendsgiving.”. Nobody showed up.

The whole basement was decorated, and she made so much food. I keep trying to cheer her up, but nothing works.”

A sad video of a man’s girlfriend has been viewed 14.1 million times, and some people offered to be her new friends in the comments.

There was a person who wrote: “No call, no show?” Those ain’t your friends, ma’am.”

Another said: “Where do I apply to be her friend?!”

It seems like someone else shared a similar experience hosting events for friends but stopped due to lack of effort.

They said: “I remember hosting Friendsgiving and Friendsmas.”. After a while, I realized I was the only one putting in the effort.”.

Kidalloy shared a follow-up, explaining that they managed to turn the evening around and still have a good time.

His girlfriend thought her friends were late at first, but she realized they weren’t coming when she got to the three-hour mark.

He continued: “She called and told me what happened, so I went to her house. During the drive, I called some friends.”

Luckily, his friends managed to save the day as they all showed up to celebrate the occasion.

He added: “They were more than gracious enough to come. They all came; they brought stuff. So it’s like she had her Friendsgiving. So it was a happy ending towards the end of it.”

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