Cardi B And Offset Gifted Their Daughter $50k Cash Money For Her 4th Birthday

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, professionally known as Cardi B, is an American rapper and songwriter famous for her aggressive flow and candid lyrics.

After dating Kiari Kendrell Cephus, popularly known as Offset, for over a year, the two got married in September 2017.

The couple shares two children, a daughter named Kulture and a younger son named Wave.

Recently the duo celebrated Kulture’s 4th birthday and surprised her with a unique birthday present.

On Tuesday, June 12, the Migos rapper posted a video on his Instagram story showing the 4-year-old chilling in the backseat of the car while showing off her birthday present – $50K.

“What is that?” the 29-year-old rapper asked his daughter.

“A ticket,” she replied. “A ticket is a million, girl. That’s 50. Say, 50!” he responded, laughing.

According to the People, the couple celebrated her birthday at the Candytopia exhibit in Atlanta along with her ten-month-old brother, Wave.

This is not the first time the couple gifted their child an extravagant gift. Last year, on her third birthday, Cardi arranged a big birthday party for her where she got a horse-drawn carriage, an animal farm, and an appearance from the Disney princesses.

And that was not it; she also gifted her three-year-old a dazzling Birkin Bag worth $48K.

Apparently, the three-year-old was obsessed with rainbows, so her filthy rich mother thought, why not get her a custom-made bag with a crystal rainbow on it.

The singer shared a photo of her and Kulture on her Instagram and wrote, “Me & my best friend for life.”

In his interview with Page Six, the CEO of Privé Porter, Michelle Berk, said,

“Cardi and Kulture were at Claire’s, of all places. Kulture saw a small bag with a rainbow and started begging for it. In typical Cardi way, she didn’t get that bag, but she called me instead to try to replicate that rainbow on a Birkin for Kulture.”

He further added, “The Birkin is getting so big – so many women are finally getting one – that our biggest collectors are coming to us to create something that no one else has. It’s that simple.” 

The US Magazine wrote that it wasn’t the only bling the little one was rocking in the photo. Around her neck, she was also wearing a diamond charm necklace estimated at $150,000.  

Her post gathered thousands of comments on Instagram, where many people criticized her for spoiling her little one with super expensive gifts. However, some also adored her and commented that as long as one can afford it, there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your kids with expensive gifts. 

“Whoa only Cardi B could get her three-year-old daughter a Birkin bag… like for real.” A person wrote.

“If I had the money why not spoil them ain’t that’s what it’s for?” Another commented.

“As long as they can afford it and teach her about gratitude and a good work ethic, go for it.” Wrote another.

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