3 Cuddling Positions You Could Try With Your Partner To Boost Intimacy In Your Relationship

Intimacy can take its shape in various forms in a relationship. And this article is aiming to tackle the physical aspect of intimacy.

Now, a lot of couples will make the mistake of thinking that physical intimacy in a relationship always has to revolve around sex. And it’s understandable that many people would think that way. After all, sex is just downright amazing. But it isn’t the only way in which you could be expressing your physical intimacy for another person. Another very effective way of being physically intimate with your partner is cuddling.

Not a lot of people (men in particular) are going to be fond of the idea of cuddling. But that shouldn’t be the case. When done correctly, cuddling can dramatically increase the intimacy between two people. It’s all just a matter of being able to express one’s feelings through the warmth of the physical touch.

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And if you’re looking to spice up your cuddling game a little bit, then this article is going to be perfect for you. These are 3 very distinct and unique cuddling positions that you could try with your partner to help get your physical intimacy game on point.

Super Spooning

Of course, everyone is going to be familiar with the concept of spooning. It’s probably the most classic position that people automatically go to whenever they cuddle – and it’s a classic for a reason. To initiate a good spoon, all that’s really needed is for you to just lay down on your side and have your guy right behind you.

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He has to be facing you while you must be facing away from him. Your man should then be proceeding to wrap you around his tight embrace. He shouldn’t be squeezing you to the point of suffocation. But he should be hugging you tightly enough to make you feel safe and secure in his arms.

But if you want to take the spooning to a “super” level, then you might need to do things a little differently. One of the biggest annoyances of regular spooning is having the guy’s arm just crushed and pinned underneath the weight of your torso.

It could be uncomfortable for you and him especially when you’re holding that position for prolonged periods of time. You don’t want his arms to be going numb, do you? Well, he certainly doesn’t want it. And that’s where the super spooning position comes in. It gives you the sensation of regular spooning without the annoyances.

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When you want to take your spooning position to a super level, you just need to one significant adjustment. Instead of just lying down on his arm, merely have him reach and stretch his arm around your head. So while his one arm is hugging you in closer to his body, his other arm is just resting above both of your heads – free from any obstructions and heavy objects.

The Lover’s Cradle

And naturally, you can’t expect to just be cuddling all of the time, right? That can be really boring. You have to learn to mix things up a little bit. So it’s perfectly advisable for you to try out the Lover’s Cradle with your partner every once in a while.

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It’s a fairly simple but also fairly effective form of cuddling – just like spooning. It’s the kind of cuddle that you can engage in while your guy is just locked on the television and you just want to be closer to him.

To engage in the lover’s cradle, you just need to have your guy lie on his back with maybe a few pillows under his head for some added support. Then, you can proceed to lie down beside him and put a portion of your body on top of his.

It really depends on your comfort level with regards to how far you want your body to go above his. You can then either choose to use his shoulder or his chest as your pillow as you lay on him. You can also lay your arm across his torso and hug him tightly for some extra closeness.

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Reverse Spooning

Well, the name of this position is already a giveaway. Reverse spooning is when you and your guy just switch places – but you still assume the regular spooning position. So in reverse spooning, it’s you who lies behind your guy and it’s you who wraps your arms around him to make him feel warm.

Just because he’s the guy doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to be one who is being spooned. This is also a great position for you to give him a nice head or back massage.

These are only 3 very simple ways in which the both of you can engage in wholesome physical intimacy – but you shouldn’t limit yourselves there. Get creative. Do what feels natural for the both of you.

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